The Best Movement for Mental Toughness Training (Part 3)

image 1I got a flood of emails from readers who are veteran car and Prowler pushers. So repeating five sets of shoves wasn’t mentally and physically challenging enough to them. My apologies and I’m sorry I underestimated you readers. I was actually planning to up the ante on the automobile WODs down the road, so why wait. If some of you want a more difficult opponent, I’m more than happy to obliged and add to your welcoming suffering.

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Finding the Hidden Message (Part 2)

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One of the main objectives of mental toughness training is having the ability to convert any negative into a strong positive. This skill is not easy and takes a lot of patience, practice and insight to develop. The good news is that mental toughness mostly introspective. In other words, it’s all about how you interpret a problem. With this training, you’ll learn how to find the silver lining with each crappy situation. Continue reading

The Best Movement for Mental Toughness Training

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The dreaded car push.

If I had to pick one equipment  that defies mental toughness training it’s the Prowler.  However, I doubt that many of you have a Prowler sled at your crappy commercial gym so I would say car pushes are the next worst thing. In fact, I would say pushing cars are twice as bad than sled work. Both are equally terrible, but pushing a 4 ton automobile is more physically taxing on the body and mind.

When you push a car for distance, you can feel the extreme burning in your legs and pounding in your chest. Your lungs just feel like their going to explode. It’s pure agony, making it one of the ultimate WODs for mental toughness development.
If you have never done a car pushing workout before, get ready for an overall bad experience. The good news is that the WOD won’t take very long and the volume is rather low. A challenging mental toughness session requires about 5 pushes at approximately 50 yards. That’s it. The entire WOD should take less than 12 minutes. So there’s no excuse on chickening out on this challenge.
I know some of you girls don’t think you have the leg strength to push a car, but that’s not true. I have yet to see any of my female clients fail to successful move an automobile. If fact, I have this girl that weighs less than 115 pounds and she has the leg power to move a SUV. it just takes a lot of momentum and mental desire.
The key is to look forward, extend both arms, keep your abs tight and move your freaking legs. Again, move your freaking legs. This will be your mantra with every car push as you want your legs to be in continuous motion, driving as much force as possible. Remember this is not a slow trot, so you don’t want to walk with the car. Instead, move your legs like a sprint. If you are doing it with excessive force, the movement should resemble “mountain climbers” from a plank position.
Have clear ending point for each sprint. If not, you will give up when your legs are beyond pain and you are having a difficult time breathing. The test is to keep on pushing the car when you are feeling at your worst. Working when are at this extreme level of discomfort is the whole purpose of this mental toughness drill.
So give it try. Take as much time in between pushes to fully recover and getting your breathing back to normal. But, the more you wait between car pushes, the more agonizing it will be on you mentally. This is when the mental games begin to happens and the excuses to quit begin to dominate your thinking. When this happens, it when the WOD really begins. Get ready for the onslaught of negativity and logic to end the WOD early.
For me, I like to crank them out just get get them over with.
Either way, get ready to take your mental toughness training to the next level.
Today’s WOD
5 sets of car pushes (approximately 50 yards or less)
Scale back version of this WOD:
1. 8  Spiderman crawls about 80 yards or less.



Sorting Out the Hidden Message in the Adversity (Part 1)

index 35Mental toughness training requires a lot of reflection time. You must confront your past with the hard questions. At first, it may be too painful, but if you distance yourself and give it some time in between, you can gain a strong perspective and further your mental toughness growth. By revisiting the painful situation, you can break the code that was meant for you to learn.  Continue reading

Your Challenge Has Arrived (Part 1)

index 20The only absolute in life is that it is full of disappointments and letdowns. You may be very successful with where you are in life, but a potential tragedy that can negatively alter your life is right around the corner. You can eat strictly organic foods and shop only at Whole Foods, but a deadly disease can strike any time. Although this may sound like a negative outlook, it is not. On the contrary, it’s a very positive one because when you are mentally tough you expect the unexpected, but more importantly you know you can handle the darkest of obstacles. Continue reading

When Life is Unfair (a repost)

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(I decided to repost this blog again after watching  a couple of episodes on the nightly world new this week. I usually avoid watching the evening news, but  my wife watches every night. I put on my headphones and listen to music or a podcast instead. Unfortunately for me, my headphones broke so I was force to listen to daily news of depression and despair. Being subjected to the news just put me in a foul and cynical mood.
The news reinforced to me that our world is cruel and a shitty place to be in. It reminded me of this blog and why this training is so crucial to me and hopefully to you all).

I had a recent philosophical debate with a friend about whether or not life is fair. I told him I thought it wasn’t and that anybody that believes that the world is a fair place is a real sucker. My friend was surprised as he considered me to be one of the most optimistic people he knows. What overrides my optimism is the fact that I am a realist. I’ve seen so much awful shit over the years that has happened to decent people that I not only think life isn’t fair, but downright cruel. Continue reading

What I Did This Week

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This week, I hit new PR’s in my snatch and cleans. My old personal best in the snatch was 121 and I was able to make 130. For my cleans, my old best was 170 and yesterday, I got 176. However, I missed the jerk on all three attempts.

These are not big numbers to brag about. When compared to others my weight, I suck big time. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 7)

images 28I know is extremely difficult to be positive when face with an awful adversity that causes you to be down in the dumps. When this happens, it just feels like the whole world is crushing down on you. When you are at these lowest moments, you need to monitor yourself daily to make sure you don’t let the massive negative frustration turn into self-pity.

This is the worst kind of negative self-talk. It is all too easy to wallow up in sorrow and become the victim. Continue reading

This is How I Have Changed (Part 2)

images 20So besides making the 225 back squat for 8 reps, I did another significant thing that week to show how I have changed since dedicating my life to finding inner strength. It was two days later when I had to back squat again, but at a slightly lower weight but at a higher volume. The program called for me to do 5 sets of 5 reps at 220 pounds. Continue reading