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Here‘s my latest article in I have to be on my best behavior when I’m writing for an online magazine. Void are my usual f-bombs. So, if the article doesn’t sound like my regular voice, just bear with it. My editor does a great job with censoring my profanities.

A new blog and more F-bombs will be back next week.

Have a great week of training.



Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 5)

index 7(This is part 5 in this series on how to break the negativity in your life. Let me remind you all that it isn’t realistic to think that you can completely get rid of the negative thoughts in your life. They will always be there. What you want to do instead is to counter-attack the bad thoughts in your head with positive self-coaching. This is not an easy thing to do if you spent most of your life being a sad sack cynic. However, with lots of practice, you can acquire this vital skill in your pursuit of becoming mentally tougher.)

As soon as the negative bickering starts to proceed in your regular life, recognize it. Identify it as the beginning of the negative onslaught and immediately replace them with positive thought patterns. Continue reading

It All Comes Down To Your Interpretaton (Part 1)

index 200In my last blog, I talked about how I was training outside and was about to go inside due to the cold weather. When suddenly, I saw an overweight neighbor smoking and coughing uncontrollably. Instead of packing it in, I was motivated to fight it out in the freezing weather and ended up getting a tremendous mental toughness builder and  bodyweight workout.

The difference between those that are mentally tough and those with feeble souls is in their interpretation of a problem. In simplest terms, one can interpret a bad predicament as something that will defeat them or something that they must conquer. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Christmas (Part 2)

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I got emails all week asking me what my Christmas WOD was.It seems that I hyped it up so much that many of you expected it would be the craziest and roughest WOD of the year. I hate to disappoint you all, but my Xmas WOD wasn’t the gut busting and lung tearing epic workout that some of you were salivating for. I chose a basic outdoor bodyweight WOD of ring muscle ups, dips, handstand and pushups.

Why did I choose this simplistic WOD over a workout that could potentially give me a heart attack? Have mentaltoughnessguy gone soft? Continue reading

Mind Over Matter Again (Part 1)

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Last month I got a PR on my front squat. You can see it HERE ( It was a struggle as you can see I was stuck on the ascent, but I was able to plow through it because of sheer determination. It always comes down to how bad you want something.

And I wanted 232 really freaking bad as I was training my ass off for 12 week just to get this new PR. What was interesting about the lift is that I thought I was going for 232. Since, I am a dumb ass and can’t count in kilos, I always rely on Coach Brett to add up the weights for me. The actual weight was 243 and he didn’t tell me. He tricked me into thinking it was 232, but in actually it was 243 pounds. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Christmas

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Next week will be Christmas. I make it a point to train on all holidays, especially on Christmas Day. This year will be no different. I’m playing around with a couple of WODs in my head and depending on the weather, I’m going to train my ass off. If it rains or snows, I won’t let the weather dictate my training. In fact, a huge part of me wants a blizzard on Christmas so I can train in the lousy conditions.  I want to go outside in the miserable cold, just to prove a point to myself that I am not like the rest of the mainstream. This is what mental training is all about:   is to distance yourself from mediocrity and the weak lifestyle of the average person.

I encourage you all to do the same.

Now that doesn’t mean, I want you all to skip the Christmas activities with your family, love ones and relatives. The dad that is bench pressing while his kids are opening presents is an idiot; the mother who is on the treadmill and not playing with her children on Christmas morning is a self-absorb narcissist.

This has nothing with being mentally tough and just being selfish. If you train during precious family time on a holiday, you have your priorities screwed up. It is a major sign that you have a weak character. Mental toughness training is not about having the huge biceps or losing weight so you can fit in that tight dress. It is about strengthening your character so you can deal with the worst problems in life when they unexpectedly show up.

So without sounding like a major hypocrite, what am I suggesting to you all? I am encouraging you all to take the route that most weak people refuse to do. Do the opposite of the weak. Don’t fall in the habit of lazy fat asses. Wake up an hour earlier. Train at home if your lousy commercial gym is closed. Get a quick and intense WOD in so you can enjoy the rest day with your family. You don’t need a long time to get a good training session in. That’s the beauty of CrossFit and any high intensity WODs.

So, plan and make Christmas day a special training day for you. Take the extra steps that the average person won’t do. Find a way in your day to train, unlike the rest of the population who will make excuses about not training on Christmas. Unfortunately, these people make lame excuses to constantly get out of training throughout the year. No wonder these people are fat and pushovers in the personal life.

The main mantra of is to do what others won’t do; To have the determination to go further when most won’t even try; to do things that most people only wish to could do.

So on Christmas, make it a statement to yourself that you are different from the rest.

Refuse to be mediocre.

Today’s WOD:

You have two choices (depending on the weather)

20 minutes of short and long sprinting. Do as many as you can in the time block.


20 minutes of as many rounds as possible:

50 air squats

30 pushups

One minute jump rope, treadmill or run in place.

Today’s goal is for you go in and get out ASAP. You don ‘t want to spend all time training because you probably have a lot of responsible things to do with your love ones later. So pick either WOD.   Both have a 20 min time cap so give it all you got and don’t hold back.

For extra motivation know that you are taking the extra steps to distancing yourself from the weak mainstream. Understand that the majority is taking the day off, but you go train. Let this mantra motivate you, especially when you get to minute 15 of the WOD and you want to quit. Instead of slowing down, let it throw fuel into your fire.

Feel the surge of power that you are taking in order to better yourself while others are still in bed, drinking booze or eating crappy food. Let this motivate you to go on and smash the WOD and your past when you were weak and lazy like the rest.

Remember this simple mantra of the mentally tough:

When in doubt, do the opposite of the rest of the population.

Good luck and merry fucking Christmas to you all!



Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 4)

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In the WODs, you are training yourself to fight when you feeling at your worse. Now you must apply the same combat mindset when faced with life’s problems. The problem most of you are facing is that you are stuck in a negative self-fulfilling cycle when countering an adversity. For those who are mentally weak, the battle is already lost  in your head before the fight has even begun. This pessimistic state of mind is warping your outlook and destroying your sense of hope. When you are up against your worse nightmares, you must have hope to get you started and keep you going.

Even if it’s a glimmer of hope, a little is enough to help you break out of negative funk. It all comes down to how you process and perceive a challenge. Continue reading

My Mental Toughness Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving, I made it point to train like how I always do every Thanksgiving. It was an outdoor WOD in 30 degrees weather of sprints in the snow, pull-ups and pushups. Mind you, I was the only fool that was outside working in the freezing cold. It was a brutal WOD as I hard time breathing and catching my breath after each set.

I always make sure I train on the holidays and events when most people don’t workout. This includes Super Bowl Sunday where most be take the off like a holiday and stuff themselves with foods filled with poisons. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 3)

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(Welcome to part 3 on this series on how drown out the negativity that has dominated your personal life. New year’s resolutions are a month away, so why wait to change your mind-set then? Start today.)

The problem with a dominant negative frame of mind is that it can blow the problem way out of proportion and making the situation way worse than it really is.  If this happens, one automatically expects to fail. Continue reading