Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Final Wrap-up)

handle(Here is the final wrap up for this continuing investigation on how to be impervious to pain during your CrossFit or HITT WOD. I’m glad this intensive research has helped many of you tolerate your agony and manipulate your suffering to your advantage. Below is a review of the 14 mental strategies that you can use to up your game when it comes to elevating your ability to handle physical stress.) Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 13)

break(This is possibly the final suggestion on how to lower your perception to pain, at least for now. I’m sure I’ll discover and experiment with other mental tools to help you deal with your upcoming discomfort. This is a never-ending pursuit that I will continue to investigate. In the meantime, you have a myriad of strategies to help you fight through the suffering of any high intensity or CrossFit WOD).

Tip #14 Break down the WOD to workable segments. The worse part of a CrossFit class is walking up and seeing a dreadful WOD on the whiteboard that you know is going to suck royally. The immediate reaction is a sick feeling in your stomach and a hidden desire of wanting to run away and hide. Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 12)

mean(This is 12th tip on changing your perception of pain for a CrossFit or HITT WOD. I’m about to wrap up this report soon so keep your email coming. BTW – I got lots of responses from readers saying how caffeine really lowers their tolerance to pain. Also, some readers report how sleep improves their pain levels as well. Scientific studies have shows that both caffeine and long nights of shut-eye does indeed raises your perception to pain. You can add this two tips your painkiller list.

Even though I’m a huge proponent of both green tea before WODs and at least 8 hours of sleep every night, I choose not to write about these effective methods. What I wanted to investigate were mental and psychological strategies that can raise you insensitivity to discomfort. I didn’t want to explore non-mental strategies in this series. Maybe in the future, I can do this.

Caffeine is an external stimulant while sleep is a physical need. Both will help you overcome a challenging WOD.

I always have some caffeine before a WOD and if I don’t at least 8 hours of sleep per night, my performance and pain tolerance will drop. I factor in both caffeine and quality sleep in my training regimen and so should you.

Now, back to the mental stuff.)

Tip #13 Make the training meaningful to you. The main problem I see at any commercial gym is the void or empty looks with most gym participants. I can’t read their minds, but most people just look lost. They walk around mindless, thoughtless and without any purpose. The other day, I asked one regular gym rat what he was doing today.

His response was “I don’t know. I’m just going to wing it.” Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 11)


(This is part 10 in this never-ending discussion on how you increase your pain tolerance during a high intensity or CrossFit WOD. I would like to say thanks for all the kind words of encouragement from all of you on this series and glad it is helping you all, especially for those who are participating in the CrossFit Open. I have a couple of more suggestions and then I will have one final wrap up.)

Tip #12 Be grateful for what you can do now. One of the powerful emotions you can have is feeling grateful. When you create a sense of gratitude it can lead to whole cascades of other positive attributes like strength, courage, ambition and of course, pain tolerance. Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 10)

torrow(The following blog is part 11 in this extensive exploration how to lower your pain perception for a hard CrossFit WOD. I’m about to conclude this series and move on. So, I would love to hear about your experiences in using some of these techniques to dealing with your suffering. Look forward to reading some of your emails. Thanks)

Tip #11 Train hard today so it will be easier tomorrow. For the last month, I knew I had an upcoming devastating WOD featuring heavy deadlifts and car pushes with my group of hardcore CrossFit friends. The last time we did this workout, I struggled badly and felt some of the worse pain ever from a WOD. I was very sloppy with my form and I barely finished alive. It was that tough.

I vowed the next time I do this workout; I won’t suffer as much and will be better prepared for it. Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 9)

think of others(Welcome to the 9th installment on this in depth discussion on how we can strengthen our coping skills to suffering. Again, the overall response have been very positive so if what I’m writing is giving you ideas on how to go on when you don’t want to, I’ll continue my investigation.)

Tip #10 Think about how others will benefit from your toughness development. Being mentally weak affects your whole life. You can’t run from it or pretend that it doesn’t exist. You can try your best to suppress it, but soon or later, your true ways will be exposed. In fact, I hate to break the bad news to you, but those around you already know your true weak self. How? Because your weak ways affect all those around you. Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 8)

resp(This is part 8 on this very in depth look on to increase your perceive pain perception to CrossFit. I never realized I was such a pain specialist, but it seems from the responses I have been getting that the advice from this series is helping you all. That’s good to know. I have more thoughts and ideas on how to elevate your reaction to suffering from the WODs, especially now that the CrossFit Open has arrived.)

Tip #9. Take responsibility for your weakness. I’m going to assume most of you follow this site because you want to rid yourself of your evil weak ways. One of the reasons why you are having a difficult time dealing with pain is because some of you are a former pussy while others are still stuck in your pussy ways.

I know for me, I lived all of childhood and adolescent years as a whiney, excuse-making crybaby. Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 7)

cf(This is part 7 on this long series on how manage your perceived pain perception during a CrossFit WOD. I have a couple of more tips and then I will wrap of the series with a conclusion piece. )

Tip #8. Train in a group setting. On my decade plus road to mental toughness, I’ve learned one strong absolute

Never, ever rely on anyone.

I’ve learned if you want something done, you got to do it yourself. This is somewhat cynical view that people will always let you down, especially when you ask them to something hard with you. So in order to overcome this negative view, I made it into a positive outlook, by always relying on myself to get things done Continue reading

Increasing Your Pain Tolerance for CrossFit (Part 6)

breathe(This is part 6 on this extensive search on how we can raise our ability to handle pain during a CrossFit WOD. I would like to thanks all that have emailed me and commented on how they are enjoying and using the mental tips in this series

Since the overall response have been extremely positive and helpful, I will continue with this series with more suggestions on how to deal with suffering and making it less aversive.)

Tip #7 Don’t Freak Out. This mental tip is not really a tip, but an insight. When it comes to a hardcore anaerobic WOD, what causes the greatest sense of agony is not when your muscles start to break down or when they are burning like fire. The first sign of chaos is the uncomfortable feeling of struggling with your breath. Continue reading