Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 9)

images never give up 7(This is part 9 on this series on how to translate your determination from the gym to your personal life. When it comes to persevering over great challenges, you must have a strong will. If not, you will always be vulnerable to a being a coward and let your enemies have their way with you. If you are tired of living a life of being weak and mentally frail, you must build your will up. Once you get a taste of hard powerful your will is during the WODs, you must translate this strength to how you live your life.)

The enthusiasm from your will should never die. When you finally feel like you had enough, your will must resurrect you from the dead or literally when you feeling like dying. Nothing is a better shield against the unfairness of life than a defiant will. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 8)

images never give up 2

(This is part 8 on this series on how to strengthen your will. One of the best ways to learn how to hone in on your will is to dive headfirst into a challenge. It will be uncomfortable and painful, but this is how you sharpen your will. There is no other way to harden your will. You must battle the demons in your life and stop running away from your problems. Once you do, you will develop a hard to die will that will save you from your greatest adversities).

So, from the last couple of posts the message was – you can never, ever assume any adversity you overcome is over. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 7)

images never give up 3

(This is part 7 in this in-depth look on how to activate your will in your personal life. In a short recap, I talked about how you must learn to hone in on your will during your must trying times. Having a strong and determined will is the key factor when you feeling most hopeless and want to give up on life. This whole series is about teaching you that you can endure unspeakable levels of suffering if you have a strong will. I don’t want to teach you how to just survive a major disappointment, but to thrive and become a stronger person because of it. With a will that refuses to ever break down, you will have the capacity to triumph over any personal challenge in your life)

Getting over a personal obstacle can be tricky and sometimes deceiving. With the WODs, it’s usually over in a half an hour. Continue reading

Quit Babying Yourself (Part 2 – a Repost)

images (14) (In part 1 of this series, I talked about how a weak upbringing can really hurt a person’s ability in dealing with adversity when they are an adult. However, even though a Freudian therapist would disagree, I strongly feel one can make up for the shitty job their parents did with hard physical work aimed at getting one to be mentally tougher).

So a big part of this training is teaching you how to fight back by yourself. And the best teacher to do that will be the WODs themselves. The WODs will be both your friend and enemy. Continue reading

Quit Babying Yourself (Part one – a Repost)


(Here’s a repost blog that I wrote last year. I wanted to repost this article because I know  many of you cuddle yourself when you start this training. If you have been pampering your life, you need to read on.)

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful emails to me. I really appreciate your support. It just motivates me to write more articles. Overall, the responses have been extremely positive. However, I did get a negative email that I would like to share with you.

The reader said, “I am bothered by your site. I really don’t see the need for anybody to constantly push themselves past their limits. This sort of aggressive training is very unhealthy. Instead of becoming tougher on ourselves, we need to be kinder and learn to accept who we are.” 

I appreciate all comments, even the ones that I disagree with as they provoke me to think. First of all, this training is not for everyone. It is definitely, not for this reader. Some of my readers are athletes who are looking for an edge with their competition. Continue reading

How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 4)

images23(This is part 4 on how to develop your killer instinct in the gym so you can use it to get over your deepest hardships in life. Yesterday, in the gym I saw one the strongest and baddest dude I know squat 405 pounds for multiple reps. Each rep was perfect as he made this display of amazing human strength look relatively easy. When we all congratulated him on his lift, he said to us ‘Sometimes you got to be a killer.”

I doubt that my friend has been reading this series on finding the killer in you. He doesn’t need to too. He clearly has that kill-or-I-will-be-killed mentality. It was either going to be him successfully making the lifts or the heavy load falling on his back. He made his choice and he went for it.

He killed it.

This is his frame of mind whenever he attacks big weights and I’m sure this is how he goes after his personal adversities as well. It’s either going to be him or the opposition. And knowing him, there is no way this bad boy is going down. He will scratch and crawl till he defeats the obstacles that is trying to hold him back from reaching his dreams.

This is exactly what I am talking about and what I want all of you to achieve though this web site.

Destroy all distractions and problems that get in the way of what you want in life.)

Last week, I discussed about eliminating your past enemies to develop your killer instinct. For many of you, your greatest enemy is yourself. Continue reading

How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 3)


(This is part 3 in this controversy topic on how to use your killer instinct to your advantage while competing in sports and closing out your personal obstacles. I’ve been getting a lot of emails on this subject. Most of you understand my message that I’m trying instill in you. That is, never take for granted your competition or personal problem is over. Never ever. You must always be on guard or on the lookout that your enemy can strike back at you when you least expect it. So when the opportunity is there, you must METOPHORICALLY apply as much action to finish off the rival or hardship. That’s all I’m advocating.

This training is all symbolic. Some of you take my words too literally and think that I’m preaching physical violence on getting rid of the assholes in your life. I said it a thousand times and say it a thousand more times. Hands-on physicality is never the answer to solving your personal adversities. You defeat your enemies by outsmarting them and having the stamina to out battle them. In order to do this, you must have a mindset that is ultra aggressive in getting yourself out of the hole that you are in. You must do whatever it takes to get yourself back on your feet and staying there.

This is the killer mentality that I m preaching about and hope all of you will attain during this mental toughness training.)

In the last part, I broached up the idea of bring your dark side to the training. Continue reading

How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 2)

images6(In the first part on this series on how to train your killer instinct with the WODs, I talked about how important it is to end your workouts in an aggressive manner. Just about everybody is close to being wiped out as the WOD gets to the end. As a result, they lose their drive and focus. Instead of pounding away at the workout, most just go through the motions and are happy just to finish it. You must counter this lackadaisical mode by finishing off the WOD in the most forceful manner that you can muster up. By ending up the WODs with some rage, you are strengthening your killer instinct.

The point of developing your killer mindset is to not only teach you how to be relentless during an athletic competition, but more importantly, how to face your most difficult obstacles in the real world. Your foes in the work field, board room, and cancer wards are extremely cutthroat. They don’t give a shit about you. In order to completely destroy your adversaries you must have the killer instinct to put them away for good. If not, they can rear their heads and strike you when you least expect it leaving you in a dire situation.

Don’t ever go soft on a personal adversity. Ever. Once you have the problem on the ropes, you must go in for the kill.)

Doing the WODs in this mental toughness program is analogues to going to war. Continue reading

How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 1)

indexKobe is definitely one athlete that’s not lacking a killer instinct.

(On my last blog on how to connect your will to your daily life, I got a lot of emails from my readers. It seems that many of you understood my hidden concept on honing in on your killer instinct during an athletic competition. Although, I talked briefly on this subject, many of you have requested that I expand my thoughts on the athletic killer instinct.

I was planning to write about this subject and how to apply it to your physical training and with your personal life. Glad many of you wanted more discussion on how to find the killa in you when competing. I have long admire athletic performers that know how to finish off their opponents. I have some ideas on how you can find this aggressive mindset in your physical training and in your personal obstacles.

Great request, my mental toughness followers. I could talk about this subject for hours. I am more than happy to oblige.

Here’s to finding the killer in you.)

We all have seen examples in professional sporting events where a player or team lacked the killer instinct to nail the coffin on their opponents. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 6)

images a(This is the 6th part on this continuing investigation on applying your will to your daily life. In the last blog, I talked about how we need to be patient when facing our personal obstacles. We would all love to wipe out our problems when they first hit us, but that’s not reality. Sometimes, we need to be methodical while we take small steps towards defeating our opponents. Just don’t confuse being patience with being lackadaisical. You can take your time and still be on the attack. Certain situation requires aggressiveness to takes form in smaller actions instead of one big knockout punch. As long as you are doing something to overtake the oppression, you are getting closer to overcoming the bad predicament. The worse you can do is run, hide or do nothing. This is all a sign of weak will.

The biggest key to overcoming the most insurmountable obstacles is having a will that never quits. This whole series is all about developing your will to tolerate the bodily pain from the WODs and the major heartbreaks from life. When you can endure higher levels of physical and emotional discomfort, is sign that your will is alive and defiant to any thoughts of surrendering.)

One of the biggest mistakes we all can make when fighting our personal adversities is premature celebrating. There have been many times in my life where I presumed I overcame an obstacle, but didn’t. Continue reading