Mental Toughness Life Skill #1 – Prepare Yourself to be the Aggressor (Part 12 – a repost)

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(In part 11 on this series on how to get yourself ready for life’s problems, I talked about how sometimes we all lack motivation with our mental toughness training. When you catch yourself feeling laid-back instead of wanting to attack the WOD, you can use self-questions with negative outcomes to push you into action.  Like having an ace up my sleeve, these types of question have always inspired my clients and myself with much needed fuel when one gets lazy. The problem with having early success with this mental toughness program is that it can lead to complacency.  When that happens, you will be a risk at having a physical and mental regression if you get inconsistent with the training.  To prevent this catastrophe from happening, you must always be on the lookout for a lethargic mind-set. When you are less than inspired, go ahead and implement these self-questions with negative results.

If they don’t jolt you into action, you have no business being in this mental toughness program. )

For me, I always have to remind myself that everything I’ve earn can also be lost. The major point is that we can never forget how bad things used to be. Continue reading

Getting the Best Body Ever with Mental Toughness Training (Part 5)

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Instead of the tagline “Stay Fit and Strong,” it should read “Stay Skinny and Weak.”

(In the last part of this series on training for the aesthetics with mental toughness training, I discussed the flaws on individual body part training. A better method to changing your body’s composition is with full-body workouts. When you train your whole body during a workout, you release muscle building hormones throughout your blood system. Single body part training does not have this hormonal effect. Athletes, bodybuilders, strongmen have been doing full-body workouts since the beginning of the century. Single body part training only become popular in the 1970′s when bodybuilders on steroids promoted this new way of training. In today’s post, I will discuss the second biggest fitness myth – long distance running is a good protocol for fat lost).

If you asked person on the street what do you think is the best workout protocol to lose weight, a majority of them will say long distance running. It has been assumed for nearly 50 years, that jogging is the most effective method to shed fat. Like individual body part training, the jogging craze evolved during the 70’s. It was pushed heavily by the shoe companies, particular the fledgling “Nike” which was one the early pioneers of the running trend. Running took the nation by storm. It was believed to prevent heart disease and was fun to do. Plus, the runner’s high was very addictive.  Continue reading

The Toughest and Most Successful People Have This (Part 2)

stubborn 2In most instances, being stubborn can be viewed as a negative trait. As much as I love my wife, when she gets into her stubborn state of mind, she can be very difficult to be with. I’m not perfect myself; sometimes I am terribly inflexible when it comes to getting myself in a cleaning state.

However, when it comes to mental toughness training, being a bit pigheaded can go a long way. It can make you resistant to quitting like how it did for Joe at the bottom of the hill. He just flat out refused to give in. Continue reading

The Toughest and Most Successful People Have This (Part 1)


The other day, I did a brutal WOD with a bunch of tough-ass athletes. The task was long sprints up this sharp, inclining hill. Words don’t describe how gnarly and punishing this hill is. The higher you go, the steeper it gets. Exponentially every step feels harder than the last one. By the halfway point, you serious don’t think you can make it. If you can get to ¾ of the top, you are already regretting doing the workout. Continue reading

Mental Toughness Life Skill #1 – Prepare Yourself to be the Aggressor (A Repost)

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(In this final installment on how to prepare your mind for life’s problem, I want to stress how important it is for all of you to do the morning prep work. It must be treated as a skill and be taken seriously. If you find yourself going through the motions with the self reflective questions, you will not benefit from this mental toughness program. It must become part of your daily morning routine. So get up, brush your teeth, take shower, make breakfast and get off your social media. Instead, prime your mind to face the landmines in your life that are waiting to blow up in your face. The more prepare you yourself to do battle with your new and old adversities, the better your chances of defeating them.)

By signing up for in this mental toughness program you have taking a defiant stand against those who want to have their way with you just for their amusement. Continue reading

Stop Letting People Control You (A repost)


(Been really busy this week so I’ll finish the delay gratification series next week. In the meantime, hope you all enjoy this older post).

I am so lucky and fortunate to have two articles published in Mark’s Daily Apple in the last month. I am very grateful to Mark’s editorial staff as they were very supportive, gracious to helping me put out the best product ever. Aaron at Primal publishing – thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and Mark really have opened the door for me. I am forever grateful.

My second article in MDA was on mental toughness development. Here’s the link -

This post is not about the article, but about overcoming my past voices that continues to haunt me during moments of adversity.  Continue reading

Mental Toughness and Supplements (Part 2)

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(In the last post on this series,  I looked back on a training session I had with a good friend during a CrossFit Class. We were both struggling on a dreadful WOD that featured deadlifts and box jumps. After one of the rounds that we finished, my friend said he was glad he took his B-12 vitamins or he wouldn’t think he could finish the WOD. I thought he’s response was horseshit. Eating a huge bowl of vitamins has no effect on improving one’s ability to get through a tough physical challenge. The only thing that will get you through the misery is your mental capabilities. You must always rely on yourself and not a magical pill.Part one ended with my friend on the ground, looking as if was done with the WOD).
I knew my friend had more in him. When I saw him getting up, I knew what I said must have unnerved him a bit. Continue reading