Making a Positive out of a Negative (Part 2)


(Part 2)

I have no doubt that Kevin Ware is experiencing some sort of depression from this freak accident. Who can blame him? He has a lot to lose like a multi-million contract with some NBA team. If I could advise him or any of you that is currently going through some bad crises, you got to have the mindset that you can benefit greatly from getting over this huge obstacle. Continue reading Making a Positive out of a Negative (Part 2)

Distance Yourself from Mediocrity


Today’s mental toughness WOD:

8 rounds

15 push ups

25 squats

Spiderman Crawl Sprint (approximately 20 yards)

Here a good demo of what a Spiderman crawl should look like –

This is usually the first mental toughness WOD I give to all my clients. Its simplistic, but very brutal because most of you are not accustomed to doing any crawling movements.If you are new to high intensity work, you can scale down the WOD to 5 sets. If you’re already a bad ass, you can amplified the intensity of the WOD by replacing the regular push-ups with explosive clapping push-ups. Continue reading Distance Yourself from Mediocrity

How CrossFit Changed My Life


I know many of you have a love/hate relationship with CrossFit. I know I do. I been doing it for 7 years now and sometimes I love it and other times I can’t stand it. There are some major problems with the trend that CrossFit is heading towards, but I don’t want to rant about it about it right now. I’ll save it for a more extensive blog.

One thing for sure, CrossFit got me in the best shape of my life. Continue reading How CrossFit Changed My Life