Good Reads and Videos for 7/5/13


For the second week in a row, one my articles made the list in Ben Bruno’s “Good Reads for the Week” series. For those of you that aren’t aware of the “Good Reads” series, it’s a compilation list of fitness and health articles that are recommended by Ben. You can read the “Good Read”s article here.

Its an honor to be on the same list as some of my heroes in the strength and conditioning world like Dave Tate, Nate Green and Chad Waterbury. I highly you recommend you check out as many of the articles as possible. Its a great list this week and check out the cool videos that Ben posted as well as this inventive article he wrote called “7 Brutal New Upper Body Exercises” for T-Nation.

Guest Post in my Favorite Podcast


Last week, I did a guest post for Angelo Coppola in his blog “Humans are not Broken.” Angelo is also the host of my favorite podcast “Latest in Paleo.” I’m a huge fan of all of Angelo’s work so it was in honor to write a guest post for him. Angelo’s theme is “humans are not broken by default” so I was able to tie in my mental toughness concepts for the article. You can read the article here as the theme is tied in with today’s strength WOD.

If you are not familiar with “Latest in Paleo” podcast, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s very entertaining, informative and trustworthy. Continue reading Guest Post in my Favorite Podcast

Mental Toughness Strategy #2 for the Workouts – “Making a Strong Connection with Your Will” (Part 1)

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The look of a person with a strong will.

(In previous post, I talked in great depth about the first mental toughness strategy – how to use the preparation to transform you into a aggressive animal. You can read about part 1part 2part 3 and part 4 by clicking on to the links.  Now in upcoming posts, I will discuss the importance of getting your will involved with your WODs.  Developing a strong and defiant will is crucial. The stronger your will is, the more likely you will be able to handle the demands from this program.)

Strategy #2 – You Must Make a Strong Connection to Your Will

Before you begin the physical part of this program, you must learn that perseverance is skill to be honed. Many of us learn how to persevere through our parental upbringings. Tough love is often a common parental approach to teach how to deal with frustrations and setbacks during early childhood. However, some of our parents didn’t instill in us the “never quit” attitude that is essential for those who are mentally tough. Continue reading Mental Toughness Strategy #2 for the Workouts – “Making a Strong Connection with Your Will” (Part 1)

Talent, CrossFit and Mental Toughness Development (Part 2)

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(In part 1 on this topic, I talked about my lack of physical talent and athleticism that haunted me throughout my life. However, even though I was naturally a weak person and was more on the clumsy side as I got into my early 40’s, I was able to make respectable gains with my CrossFit training through my work ethic. I was finally able to test out my new founded strength when I ran into a former high school star athlete that I haven’t seen in nearly 25 years. When he failed to keep up with me, is when I realized how far CrossFit has taken me.)

I would continue to seek out those in my past that were star athletes. I wanted to see how they’re lives have panned out in the last 30 years, but part of me wanted to display my new and improved athletic skills. Continue reading Talent, CrossFit and Mental Toughness Development (Part 2)

Mental Toughness Strategy #1 for the Workouts – “Prepare Yourself to be Aggressive” (Part 4)

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(This is part 4 and the final installation on this series on how to become aggressive during the WODs. Preparing to face the WODs is very crucial to this training. Most people think they can transform into a fierce and relentless machine in an instant. But, this is not always true. You must learn how to tap into your aggressive sources in order to help push you through the upcoming battles. You can read the entire series by clicking on here and here and this one.)

One of the goals of this toughness program is to teach you to be ready to handle any adversity at any given time. At the first warning, you will be ready to deliver some aggressive action with a mind that’s fuming. Continue reading Mental Toughness Strategy #1 for the Workouts – “Prepare Yourself to be Aggressive” (Part 4)

Talent, CrossFit and Mental Toughness Development (Part 1)

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When I started to make some progress with my CrossFit training, I was very pleased. The hard work was paying off. But, at the same time, I resented the lack of natural talent that I had compared to those that came from athletic backgrounds. It always seemed that I had to work harder than everybody else to learn a new skill. My strength was nothing to brag about either. I put a lot effort to get my numbers up with my deadlift, but I would see newbies walk up the bar and pick up my weight as if it was nothing.

I don’t want to sound bitter about it because I’m not. I found great joy in doing all the extra work. It no longer seemed like a chore because I knew I was bettering myself, plus I loved being around my CrossFit buddies. Whenever I was working on a new skill and got frustrated, there was always somebody that went out of their way to help me out. That’s the beautiful camaraderie and best thing about being a member of a CrossFit box. Continue reading Talent, CrossFit and Mental Toughness Development (Part 1)