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Here‘s my latest article in I have to be on my best behavior when I’m writing for an online magazine. Void are my usual f-bombs. So, if the article doesn’t sound like my regular voice, just bear with it. My editor does a great job with censoring my profanities.

A new blog and more F-bombs will be back next week.

Have a great week of training.



Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 5)

index 7(This is part 5 in this series on how to break the negativity in your life. Let me remind you all that it isn’t realistic to think that you can completely get rid of the negative thoughts in your life. They will always be there. What you want to do instead is to counter-attack the bad thoughts in your head with positive self-coaching. This is not an easy thing to do if you spent most of your life being a sad sack cynic. However, with lots of practice, you can acquire this vital skill in your pursuit of becoming mentally tougher.)

As soon as the negative bickering starts to proceed in your regular life, recognize it. Identify it as the beginning of the negative onslaught and immediately replace them with positive thought patterns. Continue reading Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 5)

It All Comes Down To Your Interpretaton (Part 1)

index 200In my last blog, I talked about how I was training outside and was about to go inside due to the cold weather. When suddenly, I saw an overweight neighbor smoking and coughing uncontrollably. Instead of packing it in, I was motivated to fight it out in the freezing weather and ended up getting a tremendous mental toughness builder and  bodyweight workout.

The difference between those that are mentally tough and those with feeble souls is in their interpretation of a problem. In simplest terms, one can interpret a bad predicament as something that will defeat them or something that they must conquer. Continue reading It All Comes Down To Your Interpretaton (Part 1)

Mental Toughness Christmas (Part 2)

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I got emails all week asking me what my Christmas WOD was.It seems that I hyped it up so much that many of you expected it would be the craziest and roughest WOD of the year. I hate to disappoint you all, but my Xmas WOD wasn’t the gut busting and lung tearing epic workout that some of you were salivating for. I chose a basic outdoor bodyweight WOD of ring muscle ups, dips, handstand and pushups.

Why did I choose this simplistic WOD over a workout that could potentially give me a heart attack? Have mentaltoughnessguy gone soft? Continue reading Mental Toughness Christmas (Part 2)