When Doubt is Good

Kirk-Zombie(I’m reposting this blog because recently I got a surge of a lot of new readers to this site. One of the most common questions I get is what do mental toughness people have in-common. This blog will answer this question for you.)

After I started to progress in my CrossFit classes, I became obsessed with mental toughness articles, especially on tough minded people and teachers of toughness. I read biographies and did research on tough SOBs like General Patton, Lombardi, Butkus, Pete Rose, boxers’ Jack Johnson,

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What I Forget About During the Training (Part 2)

friendly-reminderI was really struggling with the hill sprint. My legs were like mush and my mind seemed to be else where. I just did 3 and had 3 more to do.

As, I started my fourth set, I seemed to be regressing in my speed even more. But, in a quick instance like how people see their life flash in front of them before they are going to die, I saw the several reasons why I needed resilience training in my life. In other words, the movie projector in my head flashed memories of me when I was at my most weakest mentally. Continue reading What I Forget About During the Training (Part 2)

What Really is Holding You Back (A Repost)


(Had the flu this week so I didn’t get to do much writing. Instead caught up on “Daredevil.” Will be back next week with new blog.)

This mental toughness blog is about strengthening your mind to overcome adversity. The benefits of having a strong mind is that you know you can overcome any disappointment or asshole pricks in your life. When your mind is empowered, those around you know that you are a force to be reckoned with and will begin to treat you differently. Continue reading What Really is Holding You Back (A Repost)

I See Myself In You (A repost)

may 2 (I reposted this blog, I wrote a couple of years back because I get lots and lots of email about the pros and cons of joining a CrossFit box. I will address this question in a future blog. In the meantime, this blog may answer some of your questions about CrossFit)

The emails are coming in and I really appreciate you all for participating in this mental toughness symposium. I love questions as they force me to think and solidify my beliefs. Keep the questions coming. Answering them is very enjoyable for me so thank you all very much.

One of the main question that I have been getting is how they can instantly improve on their scores of classic CrossFit WODs that I posted like “Cindy” and “Mini-Murph.” It seems that a lot of you have Goggled your scores of other CrossFitters and compared them to yourself. I’m not going to be politically correct and tell you not compare yourself to others.Actually, I think making self comparison is a natural curiosity that we all have. Continue reading I See Myself In You (A repost)