Stop Letting People Control You (A repost)


(Been really busy this week so I’ll finish the delay gratification series next week. In the meantime, hope you all enjoy this older post).

I am so lucky and fortunate to have two articles published in Mark’s Daily Apple in the last month. I am very grateful to Mark’s editorial staff as they were very supportive, gracious to helping me put out the best product ever. Aaron at Primal publishing – thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and Mark really have opened the door for me. I am forever grateful.

My second article in MDA was on mental toughness development. Here’s the link –

This post is not about the article, but about overcoming my past voices that continues to haunt me during moments of adversity.  Continue reading Stop Letting People Control You (A repost)

Mental Toughness and Supplements (Part 2)

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(In the last post on this series,  I looked back on a training session I had with a good friend during a CrossFit Class. We were both struggling on a dreadful WOD that featured deadlifts and box jumps. After one of the rounds that we finished, my friend said he was glad he took his B-12 vitamins or he wouldn’t think he could finish the WOD. I thought he’s response was horseshit. Eating a huge bowl of vitamins has no effect on improving one’s ability to get through a tough physical challenge. The only thing that will get you through the misery is your mental capabilities. You must always rely on yourself and not a magical pill.Part one ended with my friend on the ground, looking as if was done with the WOD).
I knew my friend had more in him. When I saw him getting up, I knew what I said must have unnerved him a bit. Continue reading Mental Toughness and Supplements (Part 2)

Mental Toughness and Supplements (Part 1)

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(I”m reposting this series because I got bombarded with emails asking my opinion about supplements to increase endurance, power and strength. Half of the shit I was asked about, I never even heard before or could even pronounce. Alpha-somthing-beta-something-gamma. There’s so much junk out there on the market, it’s difficult to decipher what works or what is bullshit.

If you truly want the secret stuff that will get you to do incredible things, save your money. You already have it. It’s the power of the mind.

Read on.)

I used to waste hundreds of dollars per month on this stuff.

Last week I did a real rough WOD with a good friend of mine. It was AMRAP that consisted of heavy deadlifts and box jumps so you knew the WOD was no joke. It wasn’t even halfway during the workout, when we were both on our back, drenched in sweat, wondering how we were going to get through this bitch of a workout. I encouraged him to get up and do another round with me. As he struggled to get stand up, he looked at me and said “Thank god, I took my B-12 vitamins before this workout. I don’t think I can it make it through this session without them.” He totally believed this to be true.

I went on with the WOD, but my mind with fuming with thoughts and ideas at what my friend just said to me. Continue reading Mental Toughness and Supplements (Part 1)