Mental Toughness and Being Competitive (Part 2)

compete(Here is part 2 to a section on competition from my upcoming book.I last left off talking about how you should make being a competitor one of your goals. I’m a huge believer in competing and striving to do be the best you can be. If you missed part 1, just back pedal to last week.)
With traditional workouts, there is little to be competitive for. In fact, this society is general, has got gotten too soft and less competitive. When I used to teach elementary school, competitiveness was seen as undesirable trait and was heavily frown upon. Subduing one’s competitive spirit is terrible thing to do to a child and to an adult. Reawaking your competitive juices is rejuvenating. This mental toughness program urges you to be competitive in everything you do because life is all about the competition. Once you achieve this competitive spirt, it will set you apart from others. Continue reading Mental Toughness and Being Competitive (Part 2)

Mental Toughness and Being Competitive (Part 1)

goals (Here’s another excerpt from my upcoming mental toughness book. Guideline #1 was on being independent with your training. You can read it by checking it  out a couple of blogs back. Looking forward to your comments. I appreciate any suggestions!. Thank you all!)

Guideline #2 Have Clear and Specific Physical and Life Goals

The main objective of this program is to be psychologically stronger. However, you also need physical goals to shoot for as well. The more specific your physical goals are, the easier they are for you to visualize. If you goal is to lose weight, really see yourself losing that 20 pounds by visualizing a leaner and more muscular body. Visualization is a powerful tool in this situation. The images you have in your mind of you reaching your physical goals should provoke you into wanting do the demanding Crossfit, barbell complex or Litvinov workout. Whatever images you have, they must be strong enough to motivate you to train, especially those times when you want to be a lazy ass like (unfortunately) your lovely friends and neighbors. Continue reading Mental Toughness and Being Competitive (Part 1)

Mental Toughness and Failure

faiure (On vacation and training in Northern California this week. I’m having fun visiting family and friends, but I’m still work diligently on the book. Will publish more excerpts from it in the very near future. For those who commented on the last piece, thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. Appreciate all the help! In the meantime, I hope the mental toughness army enjoys this future article I wrote for on overcoming you health setbacks.

Saying good-bye from sunny No-Cal).  Continue reading Mental Toughness and Failure

Depend Only On Yourself for Mental Toughness

alone(Hello Everybody! For the summer, I made it my goal to finally finish my book on mental toughness development. Been writing non-stop and hopefully, I will be finish by the end of the August. So for the next couple of blogs, I will be posting excerpts from the book. Let me know what you all think. Looking forward to your helpful comments!

The first excerpt is from the survival guideline chapter I have for upcoming mental toughness newbies. I have 10 bylaws that I’m sure will help not only rookies to this training, but veterans as well.)

Guideline #1 – Expect to be Alone

Self-discipline is the most important factor in your pursuit of mental strength. Self- discipline is about doing things when you don’t want to do it. It is about giving up something something temporarly rewarding for something that has a greater payoff down the road. You understand that hard work, pain and sacrfice comes now and the real rewards comes later. Continue reading Depend Only On Yourself for Mental Toughness