Mental Toughness Book is Out!


My book is finally out! If you want to check it out, go to It’s called “Mental Toughness – Strengthen Your Mind with CrossFit.” If you get fake rolex, shoot me an email and let know what you think.  Also, my youtube channel should be ready to be go public in about a week.

Been very busy, but will have a new blog post up soon. Take care!

Preparing Yourself to be the Aggressor

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(In this continuing series on how to get you in the mind-set to aggressively dealing with life’s road bumps, I talked last time about how to avoid a mental regression. I see this all the time in my practice – a client works extremely hard in the first couple of months and makes noticeable gains with his body composition and self-confidence. He feels so good about himself that he foolish thinks the training is over as his motivation starts to wade. The client begins to get lackadaisical with his training and all his gains begin to skid backwards. To avoid any form of regression, you must be on the constantly lookout for any signs of lack of motivation. If you are not inspired to train, I’ll prove you some instant reality to get you to train hard.  The hard truth is that as fast as it took for you to make all your gains, you can lose everything just as quickly. It only takes a handful of bad meals and missed workouts for your waistline to bulge and your mental strength to go down the drain.

One of the best ways to avoid physical and psychological regression is to confront yourself with self questions with negative connotations. These types of reflection questions will make you feel uncomfortable, but they may the best medicine you need when you are prematurely over celebrating your success or feeling like a being a couch potato.)

I don’t like to use fear arousal techniques to inspire myself as they can lead to negative self talk and criticism. But, when given the choice of having your mental strength continuing to grow or relapse to back to state of weakness, the choice becomes crystal clear.  Continue reading Preparing Yourself to be the Aggressor

It All Comes Down to Your Interpretation (Part 1)

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In my last blog, I talked about how I was training outside and was about to go inside due to the cold weather. When suddenly, I saw an overweight neighbor smoking and coughing uncontrollably. Instead of packing it in, I was motivated to fight it out in the freezing weather and ended up getting a tremendous mental toughness builder and  bodyweight workout.

The difference between those that are mentally tough and those with feeble souls is in their interpretation of a problem. In simplest terms, one can interpret a bad predicament as something that will defeat them or something that they must conquer. Continue reading It All Comes Down to Your Interpretation (Part 1)

Your Challenge Has Arrived (Part 1)

index 20The only absolute in life is that it is full of disappointments and letdowns. You may be very successful with where you are in life, but a potential tragedy that can negatively alter your life is right around the corner. You can eat strictly organic foods and shop only at Whole Foods, but a deadly disease can strike any time. Although this may sound like a negative outlook, it is not. On the contrary, it’s a very positive one because when you are mentally tough you expect the unexpected, but more importantly you know you can handle the darkest of obstacles. Continue reading Your Challenge Has Arrived (Part 1)