This blog is all about becoming mentally tougher. My definition of mental toughness is having the ability to overcome adversity. I believe that perseverance is skill that can be honed in on and improved upon. The only way to do is that you have to go through some pretty miserable training to do so. That’s the only way you learn how to become tougher. You can’t buy it or take some pharmaceuticals to become tougher. You got to earn it.

In this blog, I will share my journey from living a life of being weak to being absolute defiant against giving up on myself. I did it by putting myself through some full-body, high intensity workouts like CrossFit and other crazy sorts of workouts. If you do some of the demanding workouts in this blog, you will get physically stronger and in great conditioning shape. However, I feel that the greatest strength is having the ability to overcome your worse adversities. This is the primary reason why I am writing this blog for you all.

If you ever have been left for dead, this blog will interest you. If your doctor tells you your disease is spreading, this blog will help you immensely.  If you feel you are on your last legs and don’t know where to turn, this blog will give you some direction. If you are being bullied, this blog will help give you the strength to fight back.  If somebody ever told you to stop dreaming, this blog will motivate you even more to make your doubters eat their words.

Mental toughness is all about getting the last laugh. 


The psychology of how to get over adversity