Enough With Your Excuses (Part 1)

excusesI had a very challenging Olympic lifting workout last month with a new gym friend. His name is James and he has a lot of experience with the lifts and I need all the help I can get. The workout wasn’t planned and was improvised when we at the gym training at the same time.

When I first start to train with somebody new, I make a lot of effort to show I can handle anything thrown at me. That’s the problem of living a former life of being weak. Pathetic memories are still vivid and I’ll never be able to completely rid myself of the bitter after taste that almost ruined me.

Being weak will always linger with me. So I do my best to cover it up so I won’t be exposed as a toughness phony.

Training with James that day put me up to the task and had me confronting my former weak ways. His snatch routine was a challenge, not because he was just a stickler for proper form, but because of the lung busting and leg burning snatch complex movements he put me through. For example, the first complex set was 3 snatches. One at the knee, one above the knee and one at the hip followed by two overhead squats. I haven’t train past failure in awhile so my knees were wobbling after each set.

I do complex barbell movements, but haven’t done an Olympic lifting combination in over a year. I just wasn’t in the right shape to do these brutal combination movements.

By third set, my whole body felt crushed, my palms felt like they were about to be sawed off and my minds was screaming at me with excuses to give in. To be honest, the excuses were legit as my hands were red and pretty torn up.

However, I didn’t let James know how difficult the WOD was.

My mind kept on screaming at me to stop, but I kept my big mouth shut and didn’t say a damn thing to James.

In fact, I made it through another difficult complex combination, and 5 more sets of heavy back squats. I did all this without uttering a single negativity.

Am I so full of myself that I have to give myself a trophy for not saying a single excuse or bitching and complaining about the hard work?

Actually yes, as this WOD is a sign of how far I have grown since dedicating myself to toughen myself up. The achievement was not about making through the session with James, I have proven over and over that I can finish any challenge. But, the victory was being silent and repressing my desires to whine and whimper about the pain and difficulty of the training.

For a chronic former crybaby like myself, this is a huge step in the right direction. As a result of my battle to sew up my mouth when I wanted to tell James I had enough, I had to adjust my thought pattern. Instead of focusing on how gassed out my body was feeling, I had to shift my attention to finding the benefits of the brutal WOD. Also, to distract myself from the discomfort, I started to think more about solutions and less about the agony. For example, my legs started to give out as the complexes went on. Instead of worrying if I could finish the WOD, I started to think of ways to make my snatches more effective and efficient.

This mental battle in my mind went on throughout the session with James. I was tempted many times to verbalize my fatigue and wimpiness, but held my tongue back.

As result, the training session was fantastic. I got a lot out of training with a new friend and learned a couple of great tips from him.

But again, the true victory was my ability to ignore my desires to make excuses for myself and to solder on.

After this session, I reflected on my life and particularly how I handle personal adversities. In the past, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I used to be non-stop, negative machine whining and complaining about the bad shit that would happen to me. Most of the times, the obstacles defeated me even before I had a chance to fight back.

I already lost many of the battle even before I stepped into the ring because my mind rationalized with excuses on why I couldn’t win.

I believed in my own self-limitations and bullshit. Instead of stepping up, I stepped down and bowed over to my enemies because I was dominated by a rush of negative moaning in my mind and the many times I expressed them to my friends that would listen to me grumble about my sorry life.

That was my former life. If you are still stuck in your world of excuses and self-putdowns you need to stop if. If not, you will never reach your full potential and always be a slave to your lousy and demotivating excuses.

(To me continued)

Today’s WOD

Complex movement workout

6 sets

Do 5 reps for each movement and try your best not to rest between movements:


Good mornings

Behind the neck military press

Bent over rows


One minute jump rope

Get ready for the onslaught of negativity with this challenging WOD with two separate sets of thrusters. One set of thrusters in the beginning of the complex movement and another set of thrusters to end the set. Today’s WOD is a huge test on how you will handle the inevitable negativity that will occur in a physical challenge.

The best way to fight the negativity is to prepare for it during your preparation work. So as you get ready to do the WOD come up with an offensive strategy to overtake the inevitable negative self-talk that will happen once the WOD begins to punish your body.

So think about some these harsh judgmental critics in your life during your mental warm-up. Who are these people? How have they negatively affected you? What have you lost in life because you let these negative people control your actions and ruin your confidence?

Let the memories come up. However, don’t let the emotional over take you. Pull back till you feel you are in control. When you are ready, step into the ring and begin the fight.

As soon as the negativity begins, aggressively strike back with positive self-coaching. Tell yourself that you are stronger now and tired are letting the negative voices manipulate your life. Work in unison with the positive affirmation about yourself and the action from the complex movement or jump roping. Let your positive self statements guide you into being an aggressive fighting machine as you refuse to slow down during the WOD. The double- thrusters are going to hurt, but you will do them unbroken with a mind-set that refuses to listen to past doubters and a body that will eliminate weakness by being forceful with your movements.

When you are done with each set, be on the lookout for more negative remarks from the enemies of your past. They will not die an easy death. They will begin to tell you again and again, what you can’t do so you must be ready to slay them. This is why you must connect with the killer instinct inside of you. You must not have any sympathy for your past tormentors. They have hurt you in the past and will continue to try to ruin your life if you let them.

Refuse to let them harm you any more by delving hard into your psyche for some relentlessness power to run them over for good. Whenever they begin to lecture you on how incompetent you are, counter back with a positive self-affirmation of how you have change since you have been doing this training while becoming more aggressive with your actions in the WOD. Prove to your doubters that you no longer weak by becoming stronger in the WOD. Be the opposite of what they use to say about you. By refusing to quit and continuing to attack the WOD is how you shut up your past haters. This is why you must go all out in your pursuit of killing the negativity of you past. If you go easy on them, they will continue to haunt you and hold you back.Screw that. Go for the jugular today with an all out assault on the people who have unfairly judged you. End their control of you today.

The ultimate sign of aggressive action with this WOD is to try to be as forceful as possible with your last movement of thrusters. If your last thrusters are done with more force and speed than your first ones, consider yourself ending the WOD in an overly aggressive manner and relying on your killer instinct.

When you are done with this WOD, you have finished more than just a workout.

You have killed off a part of your past that has held you back for years.

Once you do, you will feel unbelievable joy and relief.

Discovery who you are suppose to be with mental toughness training.

Acceptable alternatives:

  1. You can use a barbell or dumbbell for the WOD.
  2. A one minute run on the treadmill is okay if you don’t have a jump rope.