Good Reads 7/14/2013


Ross Enamait is one of the baddest dudes on this planet.

I never get tired of seeing one my articles being picked by Ben Bruno for his “Good Reads” list. It’s always an honor to have one my articles on this list. If you’re a health and fitness fanatic like I am, you’ll love the recommended reading by Ben this week. I loved “Conditioning Thoughts” from Jason Ferruggia. He has some great tips on how to get in shape not only for the summer, but throughout the year. Also, I was really inspired with “The Earth is Our Gym” by Ross Enamait. For those of you that think that you need a gym membership to get in shape, you got to watch this video and read Ross’s response.

For more inspiration, check out the honest transformation story by Emily Giza Socolinsky. If you love reading about getting over personal adversities than you’ll love this article.

Here’s the link to the whole reading list for this week.

Also, Ben posted some real cool workout videos as well. As you all know I’m a huge fan of doing barbell complex movements so you have to see his “landmine” complex movement WOD that Ben came up with. I tried it yesterday and it was very rough. I only did 4 rounds, but each round lasted nearly 4 minutes. If you want a challenge today, I highly suggest you try this complex movement for mental toughness development and to enhance your body composition. Just make sure you try it after at least 4 hours from you last meal. I don’t want you to make a mess in the gym.

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