How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 2)

images6(In the first part on this series on how to train your killer instinct with the WODs, I talked about how important it is to end your workouts in an aggressive manner. Just about everybody is close to being wiped out as the WOD gets to the end. As a result, they lose their drive and focus. Instead of pounding away at the workout, most just go through the motions and are happy just to finish it. You must counter this lackadaisical mode by finishing off the WOD in the most forceful manner that you can muster up. By ending up the WODs with some rage, you are strengthening your killer instinct.

The point of developing your killer mindset is to not only teach you how to be relentless during an athletic competition, but more importantly, how to face your most difficult obstacles in the real world. Your foes in the work field, board room, and cancer wards are extremely cutthroat. They don’t give a shit about you. In order to completely destroy your adversaries you must have the killer instinct to put them away for good. If not, they can rear their heads and strike you when you least expect it leaving you in a dire situation.

Don’t ever go soft on a personal adversity. Ever. Once you have the problem on the ropes, you must go in for the kill.)

Doing the WODs in this mental toughness program is analogues to going to war. I have purposely designed or pick each WOD to make you feel like you are in an all-out battle. In many ways, you are literally fighting for your life. You must view each WOD as the enemy. They are the ultimate of all foes because they will show you no pain. The hardest enemies to whip are the ones that show you no emotion. So as you close out the WOD, imagine that only the two of you are left standing on the battlefield. If you finish out the WOD in emphatic manner, you have learned today’s lesson. However, if you go through the motions without any force behind your thoughts or actions, you have not got in touch with your killer side.

In order to achieve this aggressiveness, you must remind yourself again that this is not a workout, but a fight. A clash that you must beat with authority. So get pissed off and stare down the heavy iron or pull-up that you have to do. Metaphorically see the final movements as a formidable opponent as you try to bash his head in with your aggressiveness. I’m not talking about a little bump on the forehead either. You must tear and rip his head apart, bit by bit like a vicious animal. When the WOD is over, your body must be infused with a rush of adrenalin from knowing that you have dominated your opponent.  This is the killer instinct and that you are trying to covet in this mental toughness program.

Of course, if this was a real life sporting competition, you wouldn’t be able to do this to your opponent. Even boxing and MMA have civilized rules against pulling apart your enemy’s face. Nor could you bring this same violent physicality to the board room. But, what you can bring to both situations is the same fierce mindset. As a competitor to sports and in the game of life, you never want to take the enemy lying down for granted. If so, you setting yourself up for being a fool or getting knock out. When you sense that your opponent’s will have been damaged, you must summon the mean streak in you and drive a stake in his heart.

You must learn to stop holding back and take that one final and decisive step. For some of you, that means learning to work with the darkness that’s in you.

We have a side in our personality that we would rather not revel to the public. We do our best to conceal it so others don’t recognize our psychological shortcomings. However, by repressing our personal demons, it can fester up inside up and eat away at our soul leading to numerous self destructive behaviors like drug abuse, abusive relationships and even self-hatred.

I’m not at all suggesting that mental toughness training is therapy, but you can exercise your dark side through the training and becoming a more powerful and dominating athlete.

Find that inner pain and instead of turning it against you, harness it so it gives you that extra edge to not only defeats your athletic opponent, but to do in such a sick and aggressive matter that makes you look fucken scary to those around you.

(To be continued)

Today’s Strength Day Training

5 sets of 5


Push press

Front squat

Incline bench press


When it comes to strength work, most people start off strong and give it their best for the first couple of sets. After that, they kind of sleepwalk through the last couple of sets with sub-par force and without much mental focus. Since we are honing in on your killer instinct, I want you to be sure that your last set is your best set. End each exercise selection with more intensity and speed than your previous sets.

I know most of you are thinking that when it comes to your last set of deadlifts or front squats, your legs will be gassed. There’s no way you can perform them with the same explosive power as you did in your first couple of sets. This is probably true, but the literal movement isn’t as important as the intent to move faster and with more intensity than before. It is the aggressive mindset that is the focus on today’s training and the challenge is to be at least is to be more aggressive in the mind.

Mental toughness training is all metaphorical.  You must channel your vision to see the weights and exercises as the opponent that you must not only conquer, but in a manner that’s overly forceful and decisive.

By summoning up the reserve power in your mental capacity when you are most exhausted is how you learn to get in touch with your dominate psyche. If this was a sporting event and you are at the end of it, your opponent is probably just as tired as you are. The difference between winning and losing will be decided by the competitor who has the capability to become more aggressive and relentless as the battle goes on.By being in the attack mode as the competition is near the end, will elicit apprehension and fear in your opponent. When you smell the enemy backing off, you must slam the door on him.

In war, this is the vicious mindset that all warriors must have in order to see the light the next day. Its all about you and your enemy. There are no ties or truces when violence is the norm. The one with the strongest determination to do away their opponent will make it out alive while the other will be vanquished.

Today’s training will lead you to this frame of mind where you must learn to destroy and rid yourself of the enemy on the sporting field and in your personal life.

No go train and don’t hold anything back on your final sets.

Acceptable alternatives:

  1. Use can use a barbell or dumbbell for the push presses and bench presses and RDL’s.
  2. If you don’t have an incline bench, you can substitute a flat bench.