How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 3)


(This is part 3 in this controversy topic on how to use your killer instinct to your advantage while competing in sports and closing out your personal obstacles. I’ve been getting a lot of emails on this subject. Most of you understand my message that I’m trying instill in you. That is, never take for granted your competition or personal problem is over. Never ever. You must always be on guard or on the lookout that your enemy can strike back at you when you least expect it. So when the opportunity is there, you must METOPHORICALLY apply as much action to finish off the rival or hardship. That’s all I’m advocating.

This training is all symbolic. Some of you take my words too literally and think that I’m preaching physical violence on getting rid of the assholes in your life. I said it a thousand times and say it a thousand more times. Hands-on physicality is never the answer to solving your personal adversities. You defeat your enemies by outsmarting them and having the stamina to out battle them. In order to do this, you must have a mindset that is ultra aggressive in getting yourself out of the hole that you are in. You must do whatever it takes to get yourself back on your feet and staying there.

This is the killer mentality that I m preaching about and hope all of you will attain during this mental toughness training.)

In the last part, I broached up the idea of bring your dark side to the training. Although, I don’t suggest you do this in all of your training, however, it is appropriate for today’s lesson as we explore molding you into a vicious athlete that has no sympathy for his rivals. In other words, the killer mentality is one that is shows no mercy for his opponent during a competition and will do whatever it takes to win.

This means, if you are a football coach and you are leading by three touchdowns in the third quarter, you don’t take a knee. You leave your starters in and you run up the score. If you are a baseball relief pitcher and you come in the top of ninth with a one run lead to save the game, you better make sure you have your game face on and be ready to throw some heat. If you are running for a gold medal in the marathon, you don’t want to win by a small margin. You want to crush the competition by breaking a world record and make sure the other runners are minutes behind you.

If you are just the average gym rat and just did a ton of squats and don’t feel like you have the energy to do your last set of ten reps so you contemplate skipping the entire set. You better get your ass in gear and realized that the previous sets were meaningless if you fail to do this last set. So psyche yourself up and tell yourself that the last set is the most important set. While squatting, motivate yourself to be more forceful with your legs and glutes with each rep. Refuse to quit and show no mercy for your body, no matter how much your legs are burning and begging you to stop. In fact, do the opposite of quitting and whining, go harder and faster. Instead of giving sympathy to your tired legs, get more ruthless and do the 10 brutal reps unbroken. Your legs will be wobbly and shaking, but by gutting out the last set in this aggressive fashion, you have made contact with your killer instinct.

All these are great examples of athletes with the dominating frame of mind. Today’s lesson is to tap into this powerful asset. This does not mean you have to come in first in your CrossFit box or get an elite Fran score. What we are doing is training the mind and body to want to be unstoppable. Your overall time or score in the WOD is not the focus. It is the attitude and the intent to be ultra aggressive while you end and finish the workout. This frame of mind and behavior is what you will be trying to achieve today. It won’t be easy because by the time you get to the final aspect of the WOD you will be drained of energy. The challenge then is to somehow summon up some kick ass aggression. To do this, the drill today is to get that extra shot of  adrenaline by tapping into your darkness.

So during your preparation time before you do the WOD begin to explore the demons in your head. One of the best ways to do this is to use the self-reflecting questions to warm up your mind, but today, I really want you to get personal with the questions. Here are some suggestions:

What is the most painful thing that has ever happened to me? What experiences in my life has negativity changed me? Who in my life has hurt me the most?

Take a couple of minutes to mentally reflect on these difficult and emotional questions. Once you let the emotions begin to boil, continue with the confronting questions with some of these empowering questions: How will getting mentally tough help me destroy my past pain? How will mental toughness training teach me to overcome this hurt? How can finishing this WOD in an aggressive manner help me kill off this pain?

During this preparation time, I want you to just let the emotional simmer within you. If you start to get overemotional, go with it and then pull back. Remember the drill for today is not start off the WOD in kill mode, but to end it in a ultra forceful manner.

So during the final set, I want you to refer back to this prep period. Get back in touch with the pain and the darkness. Take your time before you begin, but let your mind be infused with rage and aggression. When you are ready, begin the final set and let the aggressiveness take over.

By doing you, you will not only end the WOD in a forceful manner, but kill off a little of your painful past by becoming stronger and more mentally tougher. The sense of accomplishment you will feel is going to be extremely satisfying.

By killing off some your past pain, you will become addicted to the empowerment of this training.

(To be continued)

Today’s WOD

6 sets

Thrusters – 10 reps (use a weight that makes you feel uncomfortable, but not to the point that you are struggling with the final reps)

Burpees – 10 reps

This is a wicked combination that will challenge you to the final rep. The focus today is honing in on your dark side to help you steamroll through the last and most difficult set. So before you begin today’s WOD, use the self-confronting questions that I discuss earlier in this blog to help you explore some painful times of your life. You may not like reliving this period of your life and may not be over the hurt. However, instead of letting the pain fester away at you, harness it so you can use it at your advantage. By working with it and through it, is one the best way you can heal yourself.

By persevering over your biggest personal demons is how you can get mental strength. Nothing is more empowering than know that overcame your worst nightmare. The goal of this site is to teach you to defeat these fears. So let today’s WOD guide you to gaining fortitude and taking back your dignity.

I want you to murder the fuck out of this WOD today.

When you gear yourself for the last set, let the memories of the bad experience simmer inside of you. At first, nothing may happen. For others, you may be overwhelmed by your memories. Work with what comes up. Even if nothing seems to come up, believe me it is there. You psyche is protecting you from feeling further pain. This may be a sign that you are repressing the emotions because of the deep hurt. If so, just work off the memories even if you don’t feel your blood boiling yet.

As you begin your final set, have the frame of mind of tearing up the thrusters with as much force as you possible can without sacrificing your form. By doing so, you are slowly and little by little, “tearing up” your past horrors as well. With each thruster done, you are killing off more of you past tormentors. Feel the power of finishing your final rep while metaphorically feeling like you have destroyed a huge part of your pain. You should feel a rush of adrenaline from winning the battle between you and the thrusters.

However, the battle is not over. You must delve again from your darkness and summon up more power to help you overcome the final 10 burpees that stand in your way of redemption. Attack each burpee as if you are attacking your past demons. Do each rep with explosive power so you wipe out that pain that has haunted you.

When you are done with this WOD, you should feel beyond elated. The sense of accomplishment will be more than just doing a silly workout, but knowing that you are ever closer to overcome your horrid past. You are not there yet, but you know with this mental toughness training you will soon wipe out the pain from your life for good.

And when you do, you’ll be stronger than ever.

Nothing is more empowering than knowing that your past tormentors will never, ever hurt you again.

This is what this training is all about.

Acceptable alternatives:

  1. Do 6 reps of thrusters and 6 reps of burpees.
  2. If you can’t do the pushup part of the burpees, skip it. Just do the leg thrust back without going into a pushup and jump back up. Here’s a good video of what I’m talking about –