How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 4)

images23(This is part 4 on how to develop your killer instinct in the gym so you can use it to get over your deepest hardships in life. Yesterday, in the gym I saw one the strongest and baddest dude I know squat 405 pounds for multiple reps. Each rep was perfect as he made this display of amazing human strength look relatively easy. When we all congratulated him on his lift, he said to us ‘Sometimes you got to be a killer.”

I doubt that my friend has been reading this series on finding the killer in you. He doesn’t need to too. He clearly has that kill-or-I-will-be-killed mentality. It was either going to be him successfully making the lifts or the heavy load falling on his back. He made his choice and he went for it.

He killed it.

This is his frame of mind whenever he attacks big weights and I’m sure this is how he goes after his personal adversities as well. It’s either going to be him or the opposition. And knowing him, there is no way this bad boy is going down. He will scratch and crawl till he defeats the obstacles that is trying to hold him back from reaching his dreams.

This is exactly what I am talking about and what I want all of you to achieve though this web site.

Destroy all distractions and problems that get in the way of what you want in life.)

Last week, I discussed about eliminating your past enemies to develop your killer instinct. For many of you, your greatest enemy is yourself. The negative chatter that goes on in your head is what is holding you back the most. Nothing is more paralyzing than doubt. Today’s drill is about finding the killer in you to wipe out the negative self-talk while training.

How we think, dictates our actions. If you don’t think you can move that 400 pound deadlift, you won’t. If you think you are too tired to go on during a WOD, you’ll probably take a long break and go through the final motions just to get through. These two scenarios are classic examples of how negativity prevents us from making progress with our bodies and keeps us in a state of being cowards.

In my years of training clients, changing lifelong pessimist is the hardest thing to do. Near fucken impossible in some cases. However, one can make progress by learning to assassinate their negativity with positive self-coaching. This is how the killer instinct comes into play in your development towards mental toughness. You must put everything you got and get as aggressive as possible when the negativity begins in the WODs.

What always helps even my most cynical clients is to understanding where the negative chatter is coming from. When I point out that the negative voice isn’t necessary coming from themselves, but from the negative people in their past, it gives them not only a new perspective, but a deeper motivation factor. It’s much easier to want to destroy the enemy when you realize the problem isn’t you, but the terrible teachers, bad parents, lousy coaches, mean bullies and jealousy friends all morphed up into one bad voice in your head. For most of your life, you have let these judgmental assholes prevent you from reaching your dreams all because you have foolishly believed in all the negative junk they have said about you.

Stop letting these people control you. Put an end to the negative criticism by shutting them up with aggressive action and an endless drive to silence their negative putdowns with unstoppable determination.

Kill the past which an aggressive thought pattern by refusing to let the people in your past hurt you anymore.

By doing so, you will become who you are suppose to be in life.

Nothing is more powerful than discovering your true essence. When you do, this is when the empowerment begins.

Today’s WOD

Complex movement workout

6 sets

Do 5 reps for each movement and try your best not to rest between movements:


Good mornings

Behind the neck military press

Bent over rows


One minute jump rope

Get ready for the onslaught of negativity with this challenging WOD with two separate sets of thrusters. One set of thrusters in the beginning of the complex movement and another set of thrusters to end the set. Today’s WOD is a huge test on how you will handle the inevitable negativity that will occur in a physical challenge.

The best way to fight the negativity is to prepare for it during your preparation work. So as you get ready to do the WOD come up with an offensive strategy to overtake the inevitable negative self-talk that will happen once the WOD begins to punish your body.

So think about some these harsh judgmental critics in your life during your mental warm-up. Who are these people? How have they negatively affected you? What have you lost in life because you let these negative people control your actions and ruin your confidence?

Let the memories come up. However, don’t let the emotional over take you. Pull back till you feel you are in control. When you are ready, step into the ring and begin the fight.

As soon as the negativity begins, aggressively strike back with positive self-coaching. Tell yourself that you are stronger now and tired are letting the negative voices manipulate your life. Work in unison with the positive affirmation about yourself and the action from the complex movement or jump roping. Let your positive self statements guide you into being an aggressive fighting machine as you refuse to slow down during the WOD. The double- thrusters are going to hurt, but you will do them unbroken with a mind-set that refuses to listen to past doubters and a body that will eliminate weakness by being forceful with your movements.

When you are done with each set, be on the lookout for more negative remarks from the enemies of your past. They will not die an easy death. They will begin to tell you again and again, what you can’t do so you must be ready to slay them. This is why you must connect with the killer instinct inside of you. You must not have any sympathy for your past tormentors. They have hurt you in the past and will continue to try to ruin your life if you let them.

Refuse to let them harm you any more by delving hard into your psyche for some relentlessness power to run them over for good. Whenever they begin to lecture you on how incompetent you are, counter back with a positive self-affirmation of how you have change since you have been doing this training while becoming more aggressive with your actions in the WOD. Prove to your doubters that you no longer weak by becoming stronger in the WOD. Be the opposite of what they use to say about you. By refusing to quit and continuing to attack the WOD is how you shut up your past haters. This is why you must go all out in your pursuit of killing the negativity of you past. If you go easy on them, they will continue to haunt you and hold you back.Screw that. Go for the jugular today with an all out assault on the people who have unfairly judged you. End their control of you today.

The ultimate sign of aggressive action with this WOD is to try to be as forceful as possible with your last movement of thrusters. If your last thrusters are done with more force and speed than your first ones, consider yourself ending the WOD in an overly aggressive manner and relying on your killer instinct.

When you are done with this WOD, you have finished more than just a workout.

You have killed off a part of your past that has held you back for years.

Once you do, you will feel unbelievable joy and relief.

Discovery who you are suppose to be with mental toughness training.

Acceptable alternatives:

  1. You can use a barbell or dumbbell for the WOD.
  2. A one minute run on the treadmill is okay if you don’t have a jump rope.