How to Develop your Killer Instinct (Part 1)

indexKobe is definitely one athlete that’s not lacking a killer instinct.

(On my last blog on how to connect your will to your daily life, I got a lot of emails from my readers. It seems that many of you understood my hidden concept on honing in on your killer instinct during an athletic competition. Although, I talked briefly on this subject, many of you have requested that I expand my thoughts on the athletic killer instinct.

I was planning to write about this subject and how to apply it to your physical training and with your personal life. Glad many of you wanted more discussion on how to find the killa in you when competing. I have long admire athletic performers that know how to finish off their opponents. I have some ideas on how you can find this aggressive mindset in your physical training and in your personal obstacles.

Great request, my mental toughness followers. I could talk about this subject for hours. I am more than happy to oblige.

Here’s to finding the killer in you.)

We all have seen examples in professional sporting events where a player or team lacked the killer instinct to nail the coffin on their opponents. Every NFL season there’s always that one game where a team has a huge lead, but squanders that lead and ends up losing the game. In the fighting game, we’ve seen on ESPN stories about boxers or MMA fighters beating the crap out their opponent, but failing to deliver the final blow. Even though they’ve had huge leads, they lose their concentration and end up getting knocked out by their opposition.

These two examples are classic scenarios of athletes getting soft and lackadaisical during a competition. Whenever you have the enemy on the ropes, you must find a way to finish them off. If not, you give your competition a second wind.  And if these athletes that are losing are a regular reader of, they just might have the capacity to come back from being down and out to whipping their enemies’ ass.

There are many reasons why a team, coach or athlete gets soft after having a defining lead. They lose their concentration, become complacent, begin to celebrate prematurely or even feel sorry for their opponent. All these factors can contribute to them blowing the big lead. However, the main reason why athletes failed to deliver the final blow is because they lose their aggressiveness.

So it is imperative that professional athletes, CrossFitters, fighters all must learn to be aggressive during a competition, but to be more aggressive towards the end of the battle. Whatever kind of training you do, you must find this ruthless determination in you to not only win, but to bury your foe. This is why CrossFit or any type of high intensity workouts are excellent tools for you to discover the mean streak in you. This does not mean you are a bad person. It just means you are an ultra competitor. You can be a nice as hell and lovey-dovey with your rival after the match is over. But, during a race, match, game or fight, you would do anything to demolish the bastard with your athletic skills.

If you are doing a CrossFit WOD at a box, you are doing your fellow brothers and sisters a favor by taking the workout to another level with your cutthroat aggressiveness to be the best. By doing so, you are raising the intensity of the class and the expectations of those participating.

So don’t feel bad about wanting to destroy your competitors. By doing so, you make everybody around you better. This sort of intensity is very contagious at a CrossFit box and what makes group training sessions so superior if you want to get strong as fuck and mean as hell.

Does this mean, you have to get the highest score on the white board to display your combat nature? No, having the fastest time or lifting the heaviest deadlift isn’t the goal. You can have the slowest Fran time or barely able to deadlift your own bodyweight and still be the most relentless MOFO in the gym.

What is important is the desire to blow away your competition. You may not beat the crap out of your opponent, but the intent to do so is a sign of one that’s evolving into an aggressive beast that takes no prisoners. This is the ball of fire mindset is what you need to not only defeat your athletic opponents, but to overcome your personal adversities as well.

Remember what we are doing is not focusing on the final result. Training is about discovering and not about winning or losing. Nor is it about getting the best or shittest time during a WOD. Mental toughness training is about transforming. The theme for today is to discover and tap into the primal instinct that’s in us all. However, due to the soft society we live in, we have suppressed and mutilated our competitive nature.

So, today rediscover the primitive animal inside of you so that when you smell the blood of your prey, you go in for the kill.

(To be continued)

Today’s Litvinov WOD

6 sets

Heavy deadlift –  4 reps

Pushups – 15 reps

400 meter run (approximately)

Today’s challenge is to find the ruthless nature in you. Your opponent will be the WOD itself. Your goal is to not only finish it, but to do so with some fucking aggressive authority at the end. In other words, I want you to end up more aggressively than when you started off the workout with. This does not mean, I want you to pace yourself during the WOD. I want you to start off aggressively, but hold some energy back for the last two sets. By the time you begin your last two sets, get ready to bring on some rage into the WOD.

So during your rest period after your fourth set, begin to psyche yourself up to want to destroy the WOD with some all out aggressive terror. Again, treat the WOD as if it is your enemy. You are training your mind to be ruthless and to show no sympathy towards your opponent. The most effective way to transform and discover the killer in you is to be a little pissed off during the last two sets.

Begin to see the WOD as a metaphor of your past weak self. Think of a specific situation where you’ve been weak and even humiliated. Where were you? Who was with you? What happened? What did you lose as a result of being weak minded? Really visual yourself and seeing the negative consequence of living like a coward.

Now, refocus your mind back to the training. Begin to see the last two sets as symbols of how weak you were in the past situation. Let your mind fume and boil over with some rage. When you can’t take it anymore begin the fifth set.

It is not enough to have aggressive thoughts. You must translate what’s going on in your head into forceful action. So take out your frustration and anger on the movements. Don’t just go through the motions, but pound away at them. Understand that as you finish each movement, you are destroying your weak past. By getting past each set, you are getting mentally and physically stronger, but more importantly getting closer and closer to murdering your past demons. This is the killer persona that you must posses during a fight, competition or during your typical CrossFit WOD.

By the time, you begin the final set, you don’t want to just finish, but to do so in the most relentless manner possible. You don’t want to just deadlift the weight up, but do so with more power than the earlier sets. For your pushups, you arms and chest will be close to being numb for all the five sets, but you must refuse to  quit. You keep pushing yourself till you pump out the final reps in a nonstop manner. When you do the 400m run, you know you are close to being done with the WOD, but you are not satisfied. You want to run harder than ever and sprint the last 100 meters.

You don’t hold anything back as you go all out and run your ass off to finish the WOD.

By smashing the last two rounds like this, you will be end the WOD by being more aggressive than when you first started off.

And by doing so, you are discovering the primal killa in you.

Now go train.

Acceptable alternatives:

  1. Do only 5 sets.
  2. You can do the pushups from your knees.
  3. Running on a treadmill or jumping rope for one minute are excellent replacements for the 400 meter run.