The Hill from Hell


In terms of toughness training, nothing is more brutal than hill sprints. There’s this vicious hill in Santa Monica that is so grueling physically and mentally.
I know because I could never get anybody to do this hill sprint workout with me for a second time. Half way up, you’re wishing you didn’t have to do it and by the time you make it up the hill, your lungs are fried and your legs are shaking uncontrollably. Whenever one my friends flake out on me in tackling on this hill, it just motivates me and reassures me that I am becoming mentally tougher.

By doing things, that most people can’t do – I know I am getting stronger.

By doing things, that most people are afraid to do – I know I am getting braver.

By doing things average people can’t do – I know I am distancing myself even more from the masses.

By doing things that people wish they can do, only motivates me to run up that fucken hill faster and more times.

To all my friends that whussed out on my hill sprints, thanks for helping me get some of my best workouts ever.

Here’s Jerry Rice talking about his hill running workouts .

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