Mental Toughness is For Everybody


The downside of mental toughness training is that it won’t be easy. The metabolic stimulating workouts that I will suggest in this blog will be very difficult as you need some degree of suffering to become mentally tough. Today most of us are just too soft and pampered. I know because I’m speaking from personal experience. Even if you have had bouts of weakness in the past, the beauty of the mental toughness training is that it enables you to see yourself as you currently are. When you get through each workout or personal adversit, you know what you are made of and capable of becoming more off. The workouts themselves will be the test of adversity that you must learn to overcome. By learning to impose your will through these intense workouts, you will get in the best shape of your life. But, looking like eye candy isn’t the most rewarding aspect of toughness training. Earning the toughness through the hard work will be the most satisfying aspect. As difficult as each workout is, the joy from getting through them is one hundredfold. Let the pride you earn from this program define who you are.

I am fortunate to have the best mentally tough teacher ever – my beautiful wife Diane. Since we been together I’ve seen Diane battle MS-type symptoms, so bad that at times they almost ruined her. Doctors had never been able to give her a clear diagnosis; all they suggested was neurological drugs to treat a disease they could not be certain she had. Her symptoms have been so severe that it has caused her to experience double vision, dizziness and near paralysis.  Refusing to take conventional medication (which came with highly negative side effects) Diane choice to fight her affliction with alternative medicine, exercise and organic foods and supplements.  Her battle has been filled with the constant struggle of reoccurring symptoms. The hardest aspect of one who has their significant other fighting a life-threatening illness is to see the exciting promise of a new treatments suddenly becoming just another disappointment. It’s beyond heartbreaking to see one’s joy and optimism become an even bigger letdown than the one before.  As each potential holistic therapy started becoming more far-fetched, I began to lose my faith we would find a cure. However, Diane never stopped seeking an answer.

After attending the Weston Price conference, Diane was convinced that eating fat would be the answer.  During our journey to find a cure for Diane’s MS symptoms, we met our share of quacks that had some really laugh out loud hocus pocus cures, but nothing seemed more preposterous to me than eating saturated fat.  However, I didn’t want to burst Diane’s renewed enthusiasm, so I kept a straight face and supported her as she downed strips of bacon, soup spoons full of raw grass-fed butter and cooking her portion of our dinner in pure lard. I say her portion because I couldn’t fathom myself eating food dunked in lard, the worst form of saturated fat according to the medical world, and I completely agreed with them on this one.  However, after eating this high fat diet for not that long, Diane’s MS symptoms quickly went away. Since Diane has become a fat eating beast she hasn’t had any of MS symptoms for over 5 years now.

Through it all, Diane has willed herself to fight the disease with sheer determination and the unstoppable drive to get her life back the way it used to be. Now Diane can do things again that we take for granted that we can do every day. If the symptoms ever return, I know for damn sure that Diane will defeat it. Fighting and beating her illness has defined who Diane is to me. She is one of the toughest souls I have ever met with more courage than I could ever imagine I could also have.

So in a way, this mentally toughness blog is training you to handle life’s worst case scenario. At the same time, I plan to give some nutritional advice on this site to help you get the body that you always wished you had. However, having a body in single digits will do nothing for you if someone you love is in the need of help.  This mentally toughness blog is preparing you to deal with the inevitable phone call we all will receive at some time from a doctor that tells you – “The blood test are in. Can you come down today so we can talk about it?” Having big biceps or tight buns will do nothing to help you in a situation when you or a love one has a life threatening disease. When the bad news comes, you better be mentally prepared to go to war for those who need you. Facing brutal workouts day-in and day-out will help you transform your mindset to become the fighter that never quits. Even if it is very unlikely that you will overcome the problem, you relentlessly persist with the fight until you finally overtake it. This is what mental toughness is all about and why it is a must for everybody.  Father or mother, young or old, rich or broke, we all need to learn how to stay in the fight. A potential disaster is always around the corner and if it hits you from behind, you must believe you have the potential to stop it and prevent it from altering your life for the worse.  In order to do so, it has nothing to do with having huge muscles. You must rely on something even stronger and even more powerful that your body: your mind. No matter how hurt, sad, poor you are, you have a reserve of unbelievable strength inside of you that can always be summoned from within.  Although this mentally toughness blog is heavily reliant on the conditioning aspect, it has no concerns about how psychically strong you are. I don’t give a shit about how much you can bench or how much weight you can squat.

Real strength is knowing you have the capacity to get over any adversity in your life. This is the greatest strength of all.  When you begin to progress from what you learn in this mental toughness blog, you will experience it for yourself.

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