Mental Toughness Life Skill #1 – Prepare Yourself to be the Aggressor (Part 1)

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(Today is the first mental toughness life skill that you must achieve to improve your overall quality of living. If you have been doing the WODs in this system for awhile, you know how important it is prepare yourself to become the aggressor when facing a CrossFit WOD. If you think you can just causally go head to head with Fran, Murph or Jackie, you are making a huge mistake. Now you must make the leap and apply the same brashness when up against the real villains and problems in your life. To defeat them, you must bring in the same aggressive mindset that have in the physical aspect of this mental toughness training.)

Strategy #1 Prepare Yourself to be the Aggressor

Like how you must prepare yourself to face the WODs, you must gear yourself up to be as aggressive as possible when chasing down the adversity in your personnel life. Many people think of aggression as only physical action. Toughness is not about beating the crap out those who done you wrong. Solving a problem through violence is never the solution. The proper aggressiveness that I am suggesting is a relentless mindset of constant and continuous attack on the adversity. It doesn’t happen automatically and takes some time and practice to know how to fire yourself up to battle. You’ll learn very quickly in the physical aspect of this mental toughness training that if you don’t know what buttons to push yourself beforehand, you can pretty much expect getting eating up alive by the WODs. The WODs are hell, but they are no where as vicious as the cruelties in this society when ones tries to live an honest life.

I don’t care how difficult some to the WODs can be in this program. It is nowhere near the hardship and emotional pain when one is swimming in financial debt, dumped by their significant other for somebody else or told they have less than 6 months to live. So if we take the time to get ourselves in an aggressive mode before the workout then we must do the same when facing our personal hardships as well. In life, there is never a rest day against the enemy. For me, I make it a daily routine to prepare myself every morning to face the battlefield of life.I will cover this mental preparation habit in great detail in the blogs to come.

Unlike conventional workout goals, where once spends hours in the gym to look good, the whole point of this mental toughness program is to make you grind it out in the gym is to prevent you from failing in the game of life. In order to do so, you must learn how to prepare for war in and out of the gym. If you try to battle your personal foes without any preparation time, your attack will be weak and most likely ineffective. If this happens, you’ll just return to your weak habit of kneeling down and submitting to your enemy while he licks his chomps waiting to have his way with you. To avoid this premature surrender with your life problems, you must use the same mental preparation strategy to start off aggressively with the WODs and then some. You now got a hell of lot more to lose when you are up against something that has the potential to hurt you and your love ones than just finishing a silly workout, so you better come out of the gate with your focus in attack mode.

This doesn’t mean you have to have smoke coming out of your ears and fire snorting out your nose either. You can get away with this when you are at your CrossFit gym, but you can’t walk into a board meeting raging with a scowl on your face. Being aggressive is not about how “mean” you can look; it is about your attitude. The brashness you displayed during the WODs must now be applied to your personal challenges as well.  You may not be sweating, grunting or pumping, but the internal thought process is exactly the same. The only difference is how you externally express yourself in your personal life. You can go around your daily activity being Mr. Nice Guy and leave your gym rat persona at the training box. Having inner strength does not negate you from being charming, funny, or calm with daily life while you deal with whatever obstacles you may face during the day. Life is about multi-tasking. It is a balancing act between many things.You may have only one ass, but you can ride many horses.

When problems do unpredictably pop up, it does not mean you have to change your demeanor either. By remaining relax, you can marshal your thoughts better so you can organize your attack. In the beginning when you dedicate yourself to being mentally tough in your personal life, it may feel like an emotional contradiction. An opposite of emotions. On the one hand, you are going through your regular business in a calm manner, but at the same time, your mind is fuming and scheming with an aggressive game plan to help you squash the problem that you are facing. If this sounds like two opposing forces, it is. But, this is where the craft of mental toughness must come to play. You have to learn to work and live normally with an aggressive mind set. A level of coolness is essential. But, behind your nonchalance is somebody that absolutely refuses to be had. Instead of finding excuses to not fight, you are calculating your moves to overthrow your opponent. Being alert and ready to apply the necessary action is the aggressive state of mind you must have when adversity sneaks up behind you and sucker punches in the the balls. An aggressive mindset is about pulling the trigger back way before the fight even begins. The main problem many of us have is that when real life adversity strikes, we are caught off guard and then become susceptible to being kicked to the curb.

This training is all about never being surprised. You must prepare yourself everyday for the unpredictable. When life plays dirty with you, there are no rules. You must do what you can to get yourself out of the bad predicament. If not, your love ones will suffer.

So when you sense something is not right, you must learn to assert yourself by making a move with some wicked authority. You are making a statement to your opponent and more importantly to yourself. That is, they are messing with the wrong person. 

(To be continued)

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