Mental Toughness Life Skill #1 – Prepare Yourself to be the Aggressor (Part 8)

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(This is part 8 in this series on how to get your mind ready to battle the difficulties of life. In the previous posts, I discussed heavily the importance of having the right frame of mind to start off your day. One of the best ways to do this is to ask yourself a series of confronting questions to help you zone in on your daily and long term goals. Once you have a clear purpose of what you want, you must follow up with some actions to back up your thoughts. There will always be setbacks in your pursuit.  But, instead of getting overly frustrated, you perceive obstacles in your way as a sign that you are going in the right direction.  Instead of giving up, you get angry that you used to give up on yourself.  This pushes you further to go out and get what you want.

Being this fanatical about reaching your goals is the lifestyle of someone living with an aggressive mind-set).

One of the main problems the average Joe and Jane have is that they think just showing up for life will get them out of their problems. As if fate and fortune is on their side just waiting to be handed to them. Being unprepared is analogous to just deluding yourself with the foolish notion that everything will work out for the best.

Average people with shitty lives buy into this notion that their life is out of their control.  On the other hand, those who are aggressive makes things happen and know that they are in control of how they respond to challenges. The greatest things in life do not happen by chance, but by choice. In order to do this, you got to be committed to you preparation work like how football teams get ready for their next game. They spend many hours watching game film, studying their opponent and coming up with an offensive plan to defeat their opponent in the most humiliating way possible. Winning is not enough, they must destroy their opponent’s moral in the process. This is the “I will dominate and will never let up” attitude that you must have and it comes from a well thorough preparation process when you know war is coming. When you feel this amount of aggressiveness in yourself, you never hesitate. You take the intuitive of shooting first and asking questions later.

Apprehension and indecisiveness is the result of a feeble minded. If you go into the game of life ill-equipped without a plan, you will never stop the constant bad shit from happening to you. It’s not that you are cursed with terrible luck, but tainted by your own passive behavior patterns.  When you live submissively, you don’t have the guts to pull the trigger on your risky, but potentially life altering ideas.  Instead you wait for good things to happen, yet they never do and that’s why you are stuck in your pathetic life. In the meantime, you get mauled day in and day out by your bosses, significant others and strangers that have no respect for you. Stop blaming your crummy life on bad luck, but on yourself for not having the courage to act out  on your urges.

One of the most underrated aspects of being mentally tough is having the capacity to make swift decisions. The whole point of the physical training is to challenge your ability to make that crucial singular decision during the WODs when the pain you feel becomes near intolerable. You either will decide to quit or press on. It’s that simple. Your mental toughness comes down to this simple question that you will ask yourself throughout the WOD. The whole point of this training is for you to always decide to go on no matter how much freaking pain you are in from the punishment the WODs are causing you. It doesn’t matter if you come in last or getting your ass kicked by your CrossFit comrades. You must always decide to continue to fight on.The final results of the WOD is irrelevant for your mental toughness growth. The only thing that matters is what choice you made when your lungs are baked.

This same and quick decision process must be applied when you leave the gym as well. There is no difference. The though process is the same – should I go on or should I quit?  When the most difficult of circumstances seems hopeless in your personal life, you either will give into it or gut it through. With this training, you are learning to the make the commitment to keep going no matter how grim the situation is for you. It must be a automatic knee jerk reaction for you to refuse to give in to your adversaries. If you hesitate to put your foot down, you might as well bend over for your enemies.

This does not mean that you must defeat your adversity at that moment, but you have made the decision to regroup, come up with a variety of strategies to knock the son of bitch on his ass. Mentally going back and forth on whether you should fight back or not is just a huge waste of time. If you are tentative, your adversity can get a huge lead on you so overcoming it will become that more difficult. To prevent this reluctance from happening, the morning preparation will you get you that aggressive edge that you will need when facing new and reoccurring obstacles.

When you are psychologically ready to do battle, the decision to attack has already been made. This preparation process will literally take the time consuming and agonizing decision process out of the equation when disaster is around the corner. When push comes to shove, you will automatically shove harder. There is no alternative choice, but to react aggressively. It becomes an involuntary response within you that you just can’t help yourself. The training with the WODs is all about teaching you to eliminate any thoughts of giving up. Now you must learn to apply this lethal mind-set to your personal life.

Once you do, get ready to trounce on all those situation that used to get the best out of you.

(To be continued)

Today’s strength WOD –

5 sets of 5

1. Deadlifts

2. Push press

3. Back squats

4. Bent over rows

5. Barbell row outs

I hate to break the news to you all, but, we all have been lied to. You all, me included, were duped from the fitness magazines, health experts and celebrity trainers to believing that single body part was the most effective way to pack on muscle. Science and history of strength training suggest otherwise. When I found out the truth about the most effective method to get a better physique, I was livid. Here I was wasting hours at the gym with “arm day and chest day” with lousy results to show for it. It created a sense of urgency within me as I was through with wasting my time.

I hope this lights a fire in you as well. If so, use this as extra motivation as you approach the compound movements today. Instead of focusing on shaping your muscles, change your priority to becoming mentally and physically stronger. Buy into the concept that the stronger you get, the stronger you will become mentally. The more strength you develop the more muscle you will build.

You already wasted enough time doing useless training, so today make an oath that you will keep throughout this training. Vow to get stronger in the gym and when you walk out it.

You have a lot of time to make up for, so enough with the talk.

Go to it.

Scaled down version of the WOD –

Do only 3 set or lower the reps down to three.

Acceptable substitutions –

1. You can do one arm dumbbell rows for a variation today. Also, you can use dumbbells as well for the push press.