Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 11)

image 24The best thing about training your will outside the gym it is very cost effective. You don’t have to go to any high priced seminars or spend any extra money. All you have to do is step outside your door and just face life.  Every day you can call upon your will and put it into practice. In time, the activation of your will during the WOD will be meshed with confronting the challenges in your personal life. You want to train your will to be indiscriminative.

It doesn’t matter if you have to finish a challenging CrossFit WOD or get through a financial mess. The goal is the same – you want your will to lead you to getting over the adversity.

When you get through a hard WOD, it essential you give huge credit to your will for leading you through the fire. You must do the same when you get over any obstacle in your life as well.  The problem most people have is that when they overcome a personal problem is that they don’t praise their will. Instead, most people just attribute their accomplishment to fate or blind luck. This is a classic example of how the majority of us are not connected with our will, even if we are a strong willed person. To the average person, the will is just an elusive concept with no distinct character. This is unfortunate because by failing to acknowledge your will directly, you are missing out on strengthening the most powerful tool in their mental toughness arsenal.
This mental toughness program is about strengthen your relationships with your will, especially when it comes to attacking your personal problems. As you begin getting acquainted with your will during the early stages of this program, you will experience the stubborn strength of it. The more you practice using your will at your work place, school or home environment,  the more assessable it becomes to you. By recognizing your will with each success story, your will becomes more of a concrete instrument that is always available for you to implement. As your toughness training continues to progress, your will becomes more than just a handy tool to get you out of a bad situation but something way more powerful. With experience, you can transform your will into a dangerous weapon that will always give you the upper hand to those who are trying to screw you over. When needed, you can stick it to them and grind as hard as you wish.

When facing an enemy on the sporting field or a competitor in the business world, having a significant will is like having a deadly weapon up your sleeve. It will give you the edge in destroying any barrier that attempts to hold you back in life.

Today’s barbell complex WOD:

1. Military front press

2. Front squat

3. Bent over rows

4. Behind the neck military press

5. Back squat

Drop the barbell and do 10 burpees

I picked this WOD because it has so many different types of movements. When doing it, it will seem like a fucken eternity to getting it done. So the chances of not finishing it will be a reality for those who are mentally weak. Instead of giving you an easy WOD to prove that you have what it takes you to finish a goal, I purposely stacked the deck against you by giving you a WOD that will seems never ending and almost impossible to finish.

So make a commitment right now before you even begin the workout that you will finish it, no matter what. Chose a targeted goal of how many sets you will do and stick with the plan. If it’s three sets, you must do 3 sets. If it’s 5 sets, then 5 sets it will be. Once you decide on your goal, that’s it, it’s final. There is no changing or going back on your word. You either finish your goal or today’s training will be a bust.

In order to avoid any distractions today, you will have just one coaching cue from me. Throughout this workout today, I want you to repeat the mantra – “I will finish the WOD, no matter what” over and over again in the WOD. This mantra can be very hypnotic as it will help push you forward during the WOD, especially when you move towards the end of the barbell complex and have to face the miserable task of doing the burpees. It is at this point where you are most vulnerable to falling back on your bad habit of taking the easy way out.  You must be aware of this and counter back by being on the offense with your will to continue.

Instead of whining to yourself about how tough the WOD is, you must be become more aggressively with implementing your mantra. Continue to say it silently to yourself, under your breathe or out loud. I personally, like to say it after I do each burpee. Let the actions of the mantra lead your behavior, no matter how tired you are. The more discomfort your body is feeling, the more you need to focus your attention back on the mantra.

I will finish the WOD, no matter what”…”I will finish the WOD, no matter what” …”I will finish the WOD, no matter what” 

When you are done with the set and is resting, don’t ease up on saying the manta. Keep saying “I will finish the WOD, no matter what” while you are catching your breath to the point that you are motivated to get off your ass and start the next set. As pumped up as you are for having the courage and guts to begin the next set, remind yourself that starting the set is not enough. You must do whatever it takes to finish the WOD. You must make a statement to yourself that you are not a quitter and can get things done.

I don’t care if you have to crawl, scratch or gnaw you way through the last set to finish it. Do it. If you have to take a longer than normal break or need some food in your system, do it. I don’t care what you have to do today, just do whatever it takes to finish the fucker.

When you are done, this will be an important victory in your mental toughness development with what you do in the gym, but more importantly, with how you live your life.

Now get in done.

Scaled back version of the WOD –

1. Omit the burpees or do only 5.

2. Doing only 3 sets with 3 reps for each movement

Acceptable alternatives –

1. Instead of the burpees,