Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 2)

index(This is part 2 of this life skill series on making a strong connection with your will. In the last section, I talked about how you must train your will to be relentless in the gym and when you leave it. One of the main problems the typical hardcore gym rats is having is that they can implement their will into lifting heavy weights, but don’t apply the same will strength to their personal lives. Universal toughness is never depended on your surroundings. Nor is it the goal of this mental toughness program to make you one-dimensional when you hit the weights. One of the objectives of this training is for you to make the transition of having a hard-to-kill with your physical training and when you renter the real world. With a will that is always in attack mode, you are ready to slay any opponent, problem or hardship at any given time, regardless of where you are.)

Having a will that never quits during the workouts is that’s only half of what you want to achieve in this mental toughness program. The gratification and personal strength that you feel when crushing through the workouts are a sign of that better things are coming in your personal life as well. In time, you will learn to implement your unstoppable will to every aspect of your life. But, first you must find the strength of your will in the physical training. Once you recognize how potent and deadly your will is to getting you past a rough CrossFit session, is when things should start to click for you.

This is the natural evolution to this program that one strengthen their will first in the gym and then little by little begin applying the strength of your will to your job, studies and in pursuit of your life long dreams.

By getting past the first couple of weeks of doing the WODs in this mental toughness program, you are getting acquainted with your will. Now the test for you is to activate the same will in actual life situations where there are real bullets and a huge target on your back.

Doing a few pullups and lifting some heavy weights in a WOD is nothing compared the occasional grief that life has for us. It almost seems superficial when you compare working out to having to get out of major debt, surviving a layoff or being dumped by your ex. The WODs are punitive when compared to your life troubles. The pain from the WODs will always be there, but they will be no where as painful as a a major disappointment. The burning from the workouts last only seconds while emotional damage can live on with you forever. So there is no comparison with the suffering from a WOD and the emotion pain in your life. Both are equally bad, but real problems in life are a millions times more agonizing than a silly 20 minute workout. Attempting a heavy PR is nothing when compared to taking care of a sick and dying child or when you have a negative bank account and rent is due.

What will get you through both a demanding WOD and life crisis is a will that can not only recover, but react and strike back. Your will and determination must be resilient under the worse conditions you can ever conceive. By absorbing the unusual punishment, your will can lead you to overcome any dire situation in your life.

In order to do this, you must have a will that refuses to ever be shut down. Its energy source is limitless. So it doesn’t matter where you are. When you are mentally tough, you don’t back down on a challenge and the choice of quitting is never a viable choice. This attitude is all predicated on a will that refuses to be beat.

With the WODs, you’re getting a little taste of the empowerment from having a dominating will. Now as you begin to enforce your will on your personal obstacles and overcome them, you will strengthen your relationship with your will. But, the most gratifying victorious will be those challenges that seemed impossible to defeat. Nothing is more satisfying than the thrill you will get from trouncing on a once thought unbeatable opponent. When you begin to repeat this new habit of destroying your most difficult problems, is when the true transformation of mental toughness begins.

Overcoming obstacles and enemies will become addicting to your will. Instead of backing down on things that frighten you, now you will actively seek out new challenges to conquer.

Once this happens, you will be hooked to this new lifestyle of toughness.

(To be continued)

Today’s Strength WOD

5 sets of 5 reps:


Front squat

Push press (with a barbell or with dumbbells)

Dumbbell incline press

Good mornings

When the weights get too heavy and your body starts to give out, you either will give up or you must impose your will into the training. Since today’s theme is about implementing your will, use today’s strength day WOD to hone in and discover how your will can be a major game changer in the strength world. So for those last reps when you are really struggling put your will to the forefront. Remind yourself that even if your body is tired and feeling weak is has no effect on the energy level of your will.

Your will is always on a high motor. It is never tired and capable to pushing your body to do things that you never thought you could. So during the deadlifts, squats, and presses let your will guide you to finishing the sets when you are feeling most weakest. When done, give your will the credit for leading you to the feats of strengths. If you are new to this training, it may seem silly to you to acknowledge something so elusive. But, let me reassure you that the power of the will is real. It is a hidden resource of drive in you that is the major intangible of all bad ass tough motherfuckers. The whole point of BUDS hell weak SEAL training is to find those candidates with a will that refuses to die.

It is your job today to find it in yourself.

Today’s training is just the beginning for you to discover the amazing things a unyielding will can do for you.

Acceptable alternatives:

  1. You can do strict military presses with a barbell or with dumbbells.