Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 6)

images a(This is the 6th part on this continuing investigation on applying your will to your daily life. In the last blog, I talked about how we need to be patient when facing our personal obstacles. We would all love to wipe out our problems when they first hit us, but that’s not reality. Sometimes, we need to be methodical while we take small steps towards defeating our opponents. Just don’t confuse being patience with being lackadaisical. You can take your time and still be on the attack. Certain situation requires aggressiveness to takes form in smaller actions instead of one big knockout punch. As long as you are doing something to overtake the oppression, you are getting closer to overcoming the bad predicament. The worse you can do is run, hide or do nothing. This is all a sign of weak will.

The biggest key to overcoming the most insurmountable obstacles is having a will that never quits. This whole series is all about developing your will to tolerate the bodily pain from the WODs and the major heartbreaks from life. When you can endure higher levels of physical and emotional discomfort, is sign that your will is alive and defiant to any thoughts of surrendering.)

One of the biggest mistakes we all can make when fighting our personal adversities is premature celebrating. There have been many times in my life where I presumed I overcame an obstacle, but didn’t. By dropping my guard and assuming that my enemy was dead, the problem came roaring back and threw a cheap shot at my head. The surprise attack from the adversity can be emotionally devastating. Nothing is worse than mistakenly thinking you beat a problem, but have the problem come back and wrecking your life.

A couple of years ago, I was unemployed for months and nailed a job interview with a lucrative salary. I thought I finally prevail over the long hell of not having a job or money. I even made the dreadful mistake of telling all my friends that I am 100 percent sure I got the job and even had the stupidity to take myself out to nice steak dinner that I assume I could finally afford.

When I found out that I didn’t get the position, I was shocked at first, but when the hurt start to settle in it felt like I was broadsided by a speeding truck.  My bleak situation became even more dreadful as I learn the hard lesson in life that there is never such thing as a sure thing. The only thing I had was the grim reality that I had long road ahead of me of getting out of the huge financial debt and emotional hole that I was creating for myself. By foolish thinking that I got through my long bad luck string of not finding a job, I made the situation a whole lot worse.

We all have made the mistake of prematurely assuming that we got something when in reality we had nothing. Nothing in life hurts more then when you almost got the prize. When you lose out on that job or not getting accepted to that top business school, it’s hard not to feel shattered, especially when you know you would have been great at the lost opportunity.

Unfortunately, major disappointments are a huge part of life. It is absolute that when you dream big, you will sometimes fall bigger. When severe heartache happens just doing simple and daily activities like getting out of bed will be difficult as your drive to even to live will wane. This is all a product of living life with a weak will.

Being mentally tough will help you avoid this dark state of hopelessness when things don’t go your way. This program is about strengthening your will so the next time you’re handed a heavy rejection, you can move forward with your life and become better because of it.

When a personal disaster strikes, you must never feel sorry for yourself. If you do, you fall into the victim mentality mindset that made you into a puss in the first place. Use the disappointment to fuel you. Instead of sorrow, get pissed off.  Thinks of your weak past when you fail to fight back. Let these memories piss you off even more.

Make a decision now. You can either be a piece of slaughtered meat the rest of your life or the butcher. It is your choice. You can live a life of being passive and let others walk over you or you can be the aggressor and clobber the shit out of the setbacks that stand in your way of what you want.

Go after your obstacles with vengeance. It is not enough to chase after your problems. You must relentlessly hunt it down till you know you it won’t get back up. Never assume you have beaten your adversity. Make sure of it. Take the extra step and actions to reassure you won’t be sucker punch. If you are participating in a sporting event, once you sense that you are opponent is down, you must go after him and finish him off. Athletes, fighters, boxers that end a competition  by being more aggressive than when they started off are signs of relentless individuals that winning is not enough. They must dominate the shit out of their opponent.

This is the mindset you must have in life as well.

When attacking life’s problems go into it with your will at the forefront. Let your will guide you into the fire. There is more assholes, heartache and bullshit in your way, but with a never-say-die will, you can tolerate it all.

The suffering will all be worth it when you come up on top.

(To be continued)

Today’s metabolic conditioning WOD:

8 sets

10 clapping push-ups

25 squats

Spiderman crawl (about 20 yards)

Today’s theme is to never assume you have defeated your opponent until the final bell is rung. Take this message back to the gym with you when you do this gut busting WOD today. The bar for this WOD is 8 sets. Many of you when you get done with set number 6 will start to feel happy that the WOD is almost over.  Some may even get lax with their movement and lose their intensity as they begin to sleepwalk through the final two sets.

The lesson for today is to never assume victory till the competition is over. One of the best ways to counter any premature celebration during WOD is to do the opposite. Instead of cruising through the last two sets, you want to turn on the overdrive switch. Make it an effort to go stronger than ever for the final sets. Activate your will to push you through the misery by blocking out the physical discomfort and focus on being aggressive to very end of the WOD when you finish with the Spiderman crawl.

You never want to sacrifice form during a WOD so keep your integrity for all three movements. At the same time, make sure your mental thoughts are full of rage, especially when you get near the end of the WOD. By having an aggressive thought pattern, especially when your body begins to tire, will help ensure that you finish strong and forceful.

I want you to end this WOD feeling stronger, more powerful and a hell of a lot more meaner than we you first started.  If you end this WOD, feeling more pissed off than elated is huge sign that you are transforming yourself into a aggressive beast that  not only wants to overcome challenges, but to destroy the fuck out of it.

When this happens, it is pure satisfaction. You can’t get enough of it.

This is what mental training is all about.

Acceptable alternatives:

1) 6 sets is sufficient, depending on your conditioning level.

2) If you can’t do clapping pushups do regular ones. Also, if 10 clapping pushups are too much, drop them to a number of reps that you can handle without sacrificing form.

3) If you don’t have room to do the Spiderman crawls, you can jump rope for a minute or run on a treadmill. Also, you can do jumping jacks or run in place for a minute as well