Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 8)

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(This is part 8 on this series on how to strengthen your will. One of the best ways to learn how to hone in on your will is to dive headfirst into a challenge. It will be uncomfortable and painful, but this is how you sharpen your will. There is no other way to harden your will. You must battle the demons in your life and stop running away from your problems. Once you do, you will develop a hard to die will that will save you from your greatest adversities).

So, from the last couple of posts the message was – you can never, ever assume any adversity you overcome is over. When dealing with personal adversities, we tend to treat our problems usually in a win or lost situation.. This is partly a good thing since there are no ties when you lose out on a worthwhile business opportunity or I’ve never heard of patent having a tie with a life threatening disease. The only problem I have with an all or nothing approach is that it lessens your odds of overcoming an adversity.

Just about all major obstacles have numerous hurdles and pitfalls that you must subsist, before you finally defeat the problem. So having a tough will is critical for one to absorb the upcoming frustrations along the way before the rewards are felt. In dealing with our personal problems, it usually is way too early in the game to define the situation as something you won or lost. The real serious obstacles require many steps to for you to take before you overcome it. The problem for most of you is that you are too afraid to fight and then label the situation as a lost. This is a huge mistake and terrible habit to get into.

What happens is that the loses in your life begin to pile on, leading you to see view yourself as being weak and not having the ability to handle your current troubles. The reality is that you never really lose, you just give up way too early without putting much a fight because you have a frail will.

When making the commitment to strengthen your will in your personal life, you must learn to avoid rushing to judgment when dealing when life’s complications are slinging more and more problems at you at an enormous rate. There is no immediate winner or loser from the emotional situations. Nor is there success or failure in the beginning when the pressure is great on you. When you are pursing to overcome your white whale, you are always delaying success as the positive outcomes usually come later in time with a lot of awful crap thrown in between.

What you must learn from the ups and down of a fight is that the enthusiasm from your will most never dies. It must be upbeat even if your life is falling apart. Your will must lead you even when you have lost all hope. We all know from experience that when you are dealing with a personal crises, these negative emotional and doubts will be a huge part of your roller coaster ride.

So you must learn how to deal with the pain and inevitable frustration. And the best way to learn how to cope with distress is by strengthens your will.

This is why you must do the WODs. Without the physical training, you will never develop a connection with your will. If you fail to complete the workouts, you will never develop the strength to fight back when life is unfair and cruel. The whole purpose of this site is to teach you not to give up on yourself when nothing seems to be going right in your life. You must take the first steps and remain aggressive and absorb the blows as you hunt down the adversity. This is all predicated on you having a will that is assertive and oblivious to quitting.

The WODs are awful and miserable, but by getting them is how you hone in on your will.

When disaster first strike, having a strong will be the difference maker between you running away like a coward or fighting back like a madman that refuses to let your family suffer.

(To be continued)

Today’s CrossFit WOD –

Swinging Cindy –

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

5 pull-ups

10 push-us

15 kettlebell swings

Here’s a variation of one my favorite CrossFit babes with a different twist. Instead of the traditional “Cindy” WOD where you do 15 squats, for this updated version you do 15 kettlebell swings instead. Which one is harder? That’s arguable on which one is more physically demanding.  Let’s just say, both these bitches suck. They will not only run but drive you head first into the ground.

We men all know what can happen when we responsive passively to a beautiful girl. They will eat us up alive. So the only way to handle “Cindy”s bashing of you is to counter back with aggressive actions. The huge test for this WOD is that your upper body will feel dead tired from working to near failure with all the pull-ups and push-ups. When this happens, always take a quick breather and come back to the WOD with a even more aggressive mindset.

When it seems that “Cindy” is toying at you when you can’t do another pull-up, you got to answer back to her and hop back on that bar and aggressively crank out a couple of more just to spite her.

The same when it comes with the push-ups. It will seem that “Cindy” is showing you no respect when your arms feel numb and you think you can’t do any more. Stop for a moment and then aggressively prove her to her that you are nowhere near to being done. Pump out the remaining push-ups to hit your mark of 15 reps.

Don’t stop your aggressive manner when you get to the swings either. By the fifth rep of the movement, you’ll probably be gasping for wind and tempted to drop the kettlebell. If you have to stop, take a quick recovery break for air and then go back to finishing your set. If you can do the set unbroken, power it through with fast and explosive hips.

The lesson here for today is that whenever “Cindy” is taunting you with her jabs at your lungs, always strike back harder with aggressive behavior. Take a moment to regroup if you have to, but don’t go back to the set with a weaker frame of mind or lackluster power. Always return back to the set with greater intent and more desire to shut her up. The more aggressive you are with your attack, the less you hear “Cindy”s discouraging laughs to make you quit.

Keep applying this pressure back to her, especially when the clock ticks down. By the last 8 minutes, most people are pretty spent and near total exhaustion with “Cindy.”  They pretty much go through the motions in a very slow manner as they watch the clock wind down. To the average person “Cindy” is a 12 minute WOD with the last 8 minutes on cruise control.

Take the challenge and say “Fuck that” to the thought of being average. Go at it hard and with much intensity as you can muster down to the last minute. Your arms will be closed to being dead from all the pull-ups, push-ups and swings, but find the second wind in your mind. Your thoughts can summons your body to not only keep going, but to work faster and to whip out more reps than you ever thought was possible. Keep going and continue to be unstoppable until the 20 minutes are over.

When you are done, enjoy it. You not only finished a tough WOD, but learning how to tap into the unlimited supply of energy that you mentally have. As much strength and power that you were able source out from your mind today, all I have to say is that there’s a hell of lot more power for you to discover. More than you can ever conceive.

This is only the beginning.

Scale back versions for this WOD –

1.  Use a Woody band for the assisted pull-ups

2. Horizontal body rows can be done instead of the pull-ups. They look like this –

3. Jumping pull-ups are good too. Here’s what they look like –

4. Do the push-ups from your knees.

5. Do as many rounds as possible in 15, 12 or 10 minutes.

Acceptable substitutions –

1. If you don’t have a kettlebell, use a dumbbell for the swings.