Mental Toughness Life Skill #2 – Making a Strong Connection with your Will (Part 9)

images never give up 7(This is part 9 on this series on how to translate your determination from the gym to your personal life. When it comes to persevering over great challenges, you must have a strong will. If not, you will always be vulnerable to a being a coward and let your enemies have their way with you. If you are tired of living a life of being weak and mentally frail, you must build your will up. Once you get a taste of hard powerful your will is during the WODs, you must translate this strength to how you live your life.)

The enthusiasm from your will should never die. When you finally feel like you had enough, your will must resurrect you from the dead or literally when you feeling like dying. Nothing is a better shield against the unfairness of life than a defiant will. One of the major lessons of this mental toughness program is to teach you that “there is always more inside of you.” If you have to lift something really heavy and don’t think you can do it – there is always more strength inside of you. If you are running a marathon and is tired as hell – there is always more stamina inside of you. And if you think you can’t take anymore sorrow and frustrations and feel like you can’t go on with life – there is always more tolerance inside of you.

This “there is always more inside of you” is the major theme of the training. Once you are to gasp it, you will improve every corner of your life. Not only will you stop being complacent when facing a challenge, but be able to push yourself past limitations and becoming truly unstoppable

So, in what every that every scenario where you are about to kneel down, you must absolutely refuse to comply. This holds true in the gym, home, sports field, work environment or any life or death situation where you can be a goner. No matter how bad things get, “there is always more inside of you” to withstand the pain and keep on fighting until you finally defeat the challenge.  When you think you don’t have the strength to fight back that’s when you must become more aggressive in your pursuit to overtake the enemy. Battling when you are at your weakest is how you become stronger in your personal life.

Once again, this ability to withstand unimaginable discomfort is a sign of a will that is dominating. As much emotional pain that you may be in, your will is impervious to feeling the hurt. Your will can recognize the literal pain, but doesn’t feel it directly. Pain cannot slow down your will, but only making it more reactive while gathering more momentum for you to keep on clawing and scratching. Crawl if you must, but nothing will stop you short of you reaching your destination of turning the tables on your enemies. By learning to endure tenfold way beyond what the average person can do, you will develop the skill to outlast any oppressor in your life. This is ability of your will to sustain hope and move forward in the midst of unbearable suffering is a powerful and beautiful testimony to how strong the human spirit can be.

I could go on and on about the unlimited power of your will, but for it to truly resonate in you, it must be experienced firsthand. You probably have experienced how strong your will is many times in your life, but now you are learning to specifically call up your will and to make it work in your favor. With each encounter, you’ll be amazed by how much power you can summon when motivated to preserve under the most difficult of circumstances.

(To be continued)

Find a steep hill and do 10 sprints

Want do what most people can’t do? Do hill sprints. Nothing is more economical and efficient for mental toughness training than hill runs. Running up a hill is simplistic. Anybody can do them, but most people just don’t. Or let me take that back, most people only do them once. I can’t even count the number of times I did hill sprints with a friend and how they never did them with me again. When asked these people to redo the hill training again, I’m actually surprised at how honest they are. Instead of giving me a lame excuses, most of them just flat out and say “No, I hate hill sprints and I don’t want to do them again.”

I appreciate their honesty, but don’t respect their toughness. Hill sprints are very difficult and if you find a really gnarly one, you will get so nauseous after each run that you will be barking like a seal. The goal of this WOD is not to induce you to vomit, but for you to work through the unpleasantness that a hill will cause in you. The real pain is not the uncomfortable feeling of your lungs wanting to explode, but the mental drain of having to do another and then another hill sprint. Nothing is more of a mind fuck than to be lying on the ground all gassed out and knowing you got more hill sprints to do.

Here lies the test. If you pass, you’ll make a huge development in your mental power. If you give up, you’ll be just like the rest. The choice is yours. You can be extraordinary and accomplish something challenging or you can be like the rest and only wish they can do unbelievable things.

Use today’s theme of distancing yourself from mediocrity. Understand that your detractors, enemies, all the haters in your life can’t do what you can do. Motivate yourself that by realizing how challenging hill WODs are and how the average coach potato would most likely fail at today’s challenge. Let this inspire you even more to do them and finish the challenge.

Hills sprints are not easy, but when you do them and finish reaching your goal, you will feel amazing. Nothing feels better than knowing you just did something that average people won’t even dare to try because either they’re too scared, out of shape or both.

Make a statement to yourself that you are the opposite of these negative traits. You are courageous and full of unstoppable energy.

Let this training define who you are and what you are becoming.

Now go find a hill and fucking run up it.

Scale back version of this WOD –

  1. You can walk up the hill instead.

Acceptable alternatives –

  1. Stadium stairs and indoor stairs in a building are excellent alternatives.