Mental Toughness Life Skill #3– Using Positive Self-Talk and Visualization (Part 6)

index 8I highly suggested using positive visualization during your WODs and I would again recommend you apply this method as you hunt down your personal obstacles as well. Take the philosophy of seeing your future as how you like it. By visualizing yourself getting over your individual problem can be a very powerful means of helping guide you through the process. I usually take time to visualize the whole experience until it elicits the positive emotion that I know I will feel when I really overcome it. Learn to dangle the pleasurable outcome in front of you to help motivate you to take action.

Also, I recommend visualizing all the things that can go wrong as well. By seeing the potential problems, it will help you adjust to them if or when they arise. You want to be ready for anything comes your way. Remember visualizing in not a one-time thing. You want to do it often, especially during those times when are feeling most self-defeatist. The combination of positive self-talk and visualization can help you break out of those moments when you are feeling really down.

The best time to practice this skill is during your morning self-reflection time. Ask yourself tough and confronting questions like “Pick two things that I can do today to help me over come this adversity” or “What steps can I take today to help me overtake my obstacle?” When you reflect on these types of questions don’t just quickly answer them with verbal responses. See the action in your mind as well. Visualize the steps that you must take. Be specific and detail oriented. Visualization is like a practice dress rehearsal to help you get the action done later in the day. More importantly, it will help you anticipate upcoming problems that may occur. The more obstacles that you see can happen, the more ready you will be to handle them. Again, mental toughness training is about putting you in and advantage situation. By thinking ahead of the enemy, you are already one step in front of your adversity. This preparation to battle in itself, is huge factor on why you all should work on your positive visualization skills.

If anytime during your pursuit of chasing down your adversity or during your self-reflection period and you can’t think straight because your negativity is dominating your thinking patterns, remind yourself that this inner unsupportive voice isn’t from you. But, an accumulation of those negative people in your life that have put your down or told you what you can’t do. Even if these voices are from people in your past that you may not associated yourself with, they still control how you behave. Over the years, the negative putdowns have inadvertently shape how you think, make decisions and live in fear. Unfortunately, they limit you as you continue to believe what they all have told you what you can’t do. You wrongly have accepted their negative words about you as true. But, there is no actual truth and only perceptions of truth. As your belief in their slanderous comments about yourself has greatly hindered your potential. You must stop letting your enemies run and control your life

You need to stick a stake in the heart of your negative demons now.

(To be continued)

Today’s classic CrossFit WOD –


5 Rounds (time each round)

1. 20 pull-ups

2. 30 push-ups

3. 40 sit-ups

4. 50 squats

Rest precisely three minutes between rounds. Add the time up for all five rounds and then subtract 15 minutes for you total time.

“Barbara” is another WOD that seems to last for fucking ever. You will be tempted to quit many times during this WOD because the suffering will seem to never end. To get through “Barbara,” you must learn how to stay focus on your current task. What will screw with your mind is the overwhelming thought of all the reps you have to do to finish “Barbara”. If you are doing the pull-up portion, you must still focused on doing the pull-ups only. If you doing the sit-ups don’t think of how bad your legs are going to hurt when you have to do the squats next. Put all your concentration, attention on getting through the sit-ups.  And so forth. Aggressively get through and finish one task at a time will help prevent any anxiety that can arise and prevent you from finishing. This will help your workout productivity and drive you to complete the WOD.

What happens to a lot people when they do “Barbara” is that they worry too much.  By focusing on what you haven’t done, can lead to a premature surrender. Dwelling on a problem during a workout, is always a disastrous. When the mind is overpowered with worry, it automatically goes into a state of panic and the threat of not finishing becomes a reality. Once again, you are heavily considering quitting over fighting. When this happens, there’s only one way to get out the bad habit that has haunted you for years. You must retaliate at once with aggressive action statements about you finishing the WOD such as “There is no way I am not finishing today”…”I am tired of always giving up!.. “I will go on no matter how much pain I am in.” 

By fighting and coming back more fiercely, you’ll finally learn the singular insight for what it takes to reach toughness status.  No matter how exhausted you are, the mind has the capacity to always energize you to put the final nails on the coffin of your opponent. By discovering this revelation, you know you can always get through any fatigue your body is experiencing because mentally, you have unlimited supply of stamina. For every workout there is always that threatening moment when you just think you will come undone and quit. When this happens, your mind can reverse the feeling of being punch drunk and pull yourself together with more energy that you ever knew was inside of you. The point is, you always have more in you to drive you to finish.  The goal of this program is to teach you that you can consistently do the near impossible when you are at your worse.

Doing the unprecedented of not only finishing, but finish stronger than ever. This shall become your new habit of having furry to the very end of the fight. So don’t just pace yourself to the end of “Barbara”, but end her with life’s blood pouring out of you in the most aggressive manner possible. This is your new trademark in finishing all WODs from now on. With every WOD that you accomplish, you are ever so closer to annihilating your past inabilities of bringing things to a close. Soon, it will be an afterthought.

Nothing is more gratifying than unequivocally overcoming a personal struggle that you thought was once out of your reach. To persevere in a convincing fashion is the trademark of the tough. This is our crusade.  Now join us.

Scaled back versions of this WOD –

1.  Use a Woody band for the assisted pull-ups

2. Horizontal body rows can done be instead of the pull-ups. They look like this – images (18)

3. Jumping pull-ups are good too. Here’s what they look like – download (2)

4. Do push-ups from your knees.