Mental Toughness Training on Superbowl Sunday

index 30 As you all know, I make it a point to train on holidays. In my past blogs, I wrote about working out on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This weekend is the Superbowl. The majority of Americans treat this day as if it was a national holiday. In other words, they skip out on their training and go crazy with junk food and booze. This is what conventional people will do this Sunday. Some are not even football fans, but will participate in lame football parties just because everybody else is doing it. Others will find Superbowl Sunday as a major excuse to blow off their training and eat like hogs.

Some of you may think I’m just a no-fun, old futty dutty. I’ve been accused of being a real life Scrooge all the time.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am a huge party pooper only because I used to waste my life away by downing crappy foods and mixed drinks to cover up the shame I use to feel for living a weak life. Now by skipping SB parties and the game all together, I am making a strong statement to myself by training instead. It’s an affirmation of me distancing myself from the mediocrity of the weak minded. It’s a sign that I will refuse to be average like how I used to be. Instead of destroying my mind and body with bad food and abundance of alcohol , I make it a day where I will better myself.

I suggest you all should all do the same.

If you’re a diehard Seahawks or Pat’s fan and have to watch the game, that’s totally understandable. Just make sure you get your training in before the game begins. Don’t blow off the whole day. Remember your mental and physical goals that you have set for yourself. Don’t let them get derail for a lame game. That’s ridiculous, but that’s what the majority of Americans will do this Sunday.

Weak people lack self-control. This will be displayed at your average SB party. Men and woman will over-indulgence at the pot luck kitchen table without any willpower at all. Immediate gratification is the biggest sign for those who are mentally weak. Like babies and addicts, they need their fix immediately. By doing so, they will pay for their it the next day when they feel sluggish and can’t function properly.

Mentally  tough people pride themselves with their self-discipline and the ability to delay gratification. Make this day a symbol of your strong determination and how you are different the social circles around you. Instead of moving at a much slower pace on Monday like how millions will, you will be alert and energetic and ready to attack life’s problems and set new PR’s in the gym. Mental toughness is all about having the advantage in life. By skipping the Sunday stupidly, you will have an edge over those who are suffering from a Superbowl hangover. So in essence, you will a “two day” advantage over those around you. Take the momentum and run with it. Train harder, do more tasks toward your personal goals and separate yourself even more from the average life of weak minded folks.

Remember the main mantra for this site – do the opposite of what others do. This includes your family members, co-workers and enemies. You have a choice. You don’t have to blindly follow the footsteps of the lazy majority.  This is what got you fat, sick and mentally weak in the first place. Break the cycle. Think for yourself and fuck conformity.

Go to the gym, track or garage and train your ass off. Make Superbowl Sunday one of your best training sessions ever.

Take pride in knowing that you are doing something that few people will do. This is how you begin to distance yourself from the disease of weakness of the common man. It is much easier to sit on your ass for five hours and eat pizza and nachos than going to the gym and busting your ass towards your physical goals. But, being mentally tough is never about taking the easy road and being comfortable. It’s about embracing the discomfort  and working hard to earn the rewards.

Doing the stuff that nobody wants to do is the difference maker between someone who wishes for outcomes compared to someone who takes the initiative and forces things to go their way.

I’ll be at the gym once kickoff begins and will be pounding away at my physical weaknesses and mental flaws.

Hope to see some of you there.

Today’s WOD:

5 sets of 5 reps


Military press

Back squats

Good mornings

Barbell roll outs

Most people will destroy their waist line today by shoving Superbowl junk food down their throats today. Do the opposite of that. Focus on your core today and strengthen them. Again, one of the best to train your abs is through heavy lifting. So make sure you brace your abs hard and tight before you get under load and during the movement.

It is important to get tight before you begin. If your abs are loose before you touch the weight and you tighten up right before you begin the lift, it is already too late. You most likely will over extend and put your back in a precarious position. So always before you touch the weights: get your shoulders back, brace the abs, squeeze the glutes and screw your feet into the ground.

During all the movements today, really focus on tensing your abs as hard as can throughout the lift. This is your number one priority today. During your rest in between sets repeat the following mantra over and over in your head: By squeezing my abs hard, I will be protect my back and get the six pack that I always dreamed of. Drill this mantra in your head. Trust me, when it comes to strength days or metabolic conditioning WODs, we all get distracted easily and lose our focus. So today, go overboard and overdo it by reminding your over and over the importance of being stable and the aesthetic benefits of doing it.

Now only will your form be better, but you’ll look better neeeeked because of it.

A win-win situation for your strength and your looks.

Scale back version of today’s WOD:

1. Do three sets of three reps.

Acceptable alternatives:

1. You can use dumbbells for the presses. If you have an ab wheel, you can you use that over a barbell for the roll outs.