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Jack is a trainer, CrossFitter and former middle school P.E. instructor. He has worked in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. He has written for T-Nation, Wannabebig, EliteFitness, and is writing a book on “Mental Toughness Training – How CrossFit Got me in the Best Physical and Mental Shape in My Life.” He has a BA and an MA in psychology. Also, Jack plans to enroll in a Ph.D. program in sports psychology later this year. He currently trains at Pioneer Valley CrossFit and celebrated his 50th birthday.


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  1. Hello Jack – I came across your website and blog through Marks Daily Apple. This is great stuff and something I NEED! As a stay at home mom of 3 active young kids both my husband and I routinely throw around the term “MENTALLY TOUGH”. I realize we use this word rather loosely and really need to explore deeper how to become more mentally tough with our parenting, not sweatin the ‘stupid stuff’, working out (we also enjoy xfit and other activites) and for me eating. I become obsessed with food, diet, my figure, workouts, body image which usually leads to too much snackin on junk and the sugar train GRRRRRRRRRRR. Deprivation seems to breed desire. Thank you for all of this great information.

  2. Hey Jack, just linked here from MDA. At first glance, much of what you say resonates with my own thinking. Where are you considering doing the Ph.D? I’m looking at the same possibility myself.

  3. Hello Mark – Thanks for chiming in. I’m looking in at some online programs. Any recommendations?


  4. Here’s what I’ve found so far. Online programs seem expensive, and I don’t fully respect them. Can’t say I’ve found one I liked, though that would be most convenient. On ground programs are housed in three different departments depending on the university – education, psych, or kinesiology. That, in turn, determines their prerequisites. Some programs are more clinically oriented, and others are more targeted towards developing college teachers. I can’t say I’ve found the exact fit, but Florida State is most interesting to me.

  5. I agree with what you found. However, I didn’t know that I about Florida State. I’ll check that out.


  6. Since you are in western mass, you should check out Springfield College, they have 2 different sport psych programs. That is where I got my masters in athletic counseling. Great school.

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