Distance Yourself from Mediocrity


Today’s mental toughness WOD:

8 rounds

15 push ups

25 squats

Spiderman Crawl Sprint (approximately 20 yards)

Here a good demo of what a Spiderman crawl should look like – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwWLTzooiNI

This is usually the first mental toughness WOD I give to all my clients. Its simplistic, but very brutal because most of you are not accustomed to doing any crawling movements.If you are new to high intensity work, you can scale down the WOD to 5 sets. If you’re already a bad ass, you can amplified the intensity of the WOD by replacing the regular push-ups with explosive clapping push-ups. If you think you can handle it, do fifty squats instead of 25 or do pistol squats instead. For the Spiderman sprints, crawl forward for about 20 yards and then crawl backwards back to your starting position. If that’s not enough to challenge you, put on a 20 pound weighted vest.

The only requirement that is not negotiable for this WOD is that you must have the intent of moving your body as fast as you possibly can when doing the Spiderman sprints. Again, this last movement is an all-out sprint and not a walk. So move as fast as you, no matter how difficult of a time you may have breathing. If you are not on your back like a dazed and confused fighter that’s been knocked down when you are done with the crawl, you are not moving with enough intensity. It not about the literal speed that you are doing that is crucial. You can be as slow as molasses, but if that’s your maxim force output then you are sprinting with 100% effort.

Also, make sure when you do the Spiderman sprint you have a definitive finish line and not just some arbitrary end point in your mind. If you don’t have clear endpoint, when your lungs are feeling like they are going to pop out of your chest, your mind will trick you in thinking that a few feet away from your end point is acceptable.

It may only be a couple of feet, but when it comes to mental toughness development, a few inches is a huge. Cutting yourself short is just another way of cheating yourself. For mental toughness to occur, you must always train with integrity. If you cheat a little here, you will most likely cheat again. This is the pattern of those who are weak and remain feeble. So if you catch yourself slacking off and about to make it easier for yourself during a WOD, don’t do it. Make a conscious effort and deliberately force yourself to hit your original goal. The attitude that you are trying to establish with toughness training is always having the ability to setup a goal and being able to attain it.  This is what you want to do every time you do the physical training and how you live your life as you pursue your career goals.

I love bear crawls, alligator sprints and crab walks. Crawling movements are an excellent full-body exercise and are very under-rated. Most people don’t have crawling movements in their training protocol which is a sign for tough people that they must do them then. When you’re mentally tough you do the opposite of what everybody else is doing.

The masses sit down on lat machines. We do pull ups.

Average people go the gym to workout. We go to gym to learn how to stay in the fight.

The mainstream think the leg press is good. We know that nothing can replace the squat.

Common folks wish good things will happen to them. We force things to go our way.

The establishment set up the rules. We say fuck the rules.

Distance yourself even more from mediocrity. Do what people can’t do.






3 thoughts on “Distance Yourself from Mediocrity”

  1. Started reading your blog. Got to this exercise, threw on some gym shorts, went to a local field, and gave it a shot.

    I’m apparently I’m more of a shape-wreck than I thought, because I was dead after the first set. By the second I was blasted. Then I remembered the point of this was to go when I thought I couldn’t. So when I wanted to quit my pushups in set 3, I kept going until I failed and arms gave out at 10. I switched to knee-pushups to keep the count up, and failed at 13. Dragged myself up, and did a negative, then did it again.

    Yesterday I hit a goal of a single set of 50 squats (since I always had knee problems in high school). Wanted to quit at 3. Told myself, I can do 5 more. Staggered through, then made it to 10. Then forced my breathing to calm down, and plowed all the way through to 25.

    The third set of crawls. Jesus. I’d set myself for 5 rounds, and I was tipping over at the start of #3. I forced myself forward, then shouted “fuck” about as loudly as I could, and with drool coming out of my mouth I crawl-sprinted until I fell over, about 3 yards from my finish. At this point, the only words in my head were “no” and “fuck,” on repeat. My brain was complete jelly. And then I pulled myself the last few yards and wanted to cry. Didn’t make it to 5. Stumbled home and tried to turn the key in the lock the wrong way for about 10 seconds before remembering how to enter my own house.

    I guess this is how it’s supposed to be when you’re mentally and physically weak. I wanna get 4 sets next time.

  2. Great job! I love it. I scream “Fuck” all the time during this training. Get used to it! Profanity goes together with this sort of training.

    The main lesson I want you get out of today’s training is that mental toughness training is all about the effort. Your effort today was outstanding. Let me a head of time the next WOD you will do. I will scale it down for you so you will finish it with less “Fuck”‘s out of your mouth.

    Thanks for posting!

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