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If you are easily offended by profanity, brutal honesty and hard work, you probably won’t like this blog. Also, I blog very fast and at times, it may seem like a stream of conscious free write with the occasional grammatical errors, it is not. I take the art of mental toughness very serious for me and my readers. It is my goal to further my mental strengths and those who follow this blog.

This site is all about mental toughness development which means sometimes I write with aggressive metaphors. I will never advocate physical violence as a solution to solving your problems. Even though we all would love to smack our asshole bosses when they jerk us around, putting your hands on somebody is never an option for those who are mentally tough. Success, out smarting your foes and getting in great shape is much more satisfying feeling as it leads to personal growth. However at the same time, I think the notion that we live in a civilized world is a bunch of crap. Our society is unfair and very uncivilized. As a fifty year old man, I’ve seen enough bad shit that happened to the kindest and most innocent people that I would have to say that the world we live in is borderline barbaric.

In order to survive and thrive in this cruel world, you must have the mindset of a fighter. When I write to “kick some ass” or “knock  the teeth out of your adversity”, I’m not speaking in the literal sense of promoting violence  but as a metaphor to motivate you to crush the hell out of your obstacle. Sometimes, you have to view life as being in a constant war. When a devastating adversity strikes, it has the potential to ruin your life or your love ones. You either can lie down and passively accept your fate or fight back with vengeance. I used to be afraid to stand up for myself, but now I vow to never be weak again.  Really, I much rather be dead than be a coward again.

Now, I learn that one must be relentless in their pursuit to overcome the major obstacles in their life. You can never back down or give up. You must hunt down your adversity to no end. For me, I always pursue my adversities as if I have a brick in my hand waiting to smash those who try to stop me. This is the aggressive mindset that I am talking about that you must have if you participate in competitive sports, in chemo, or bouncing back after unfairly being giving a pink slip. You metaphorically want to beat the crap out of anything that tried to destroy you.

If this sorts of aggressive talk offends you, a meditation yoga for peace retreat is better suited for you. Remember people – this site is all about toughness development. The world is not kind to those who are weak. Unfortunately, I know this from experience and so do many of you. If you don’t improve your ability to overcome adversity, your enemies will spit you out and laugh at you while you lie face down in the gutter.

I’m doing all l can to avoid this from happening to me again.

If this psychological training resonates with you, you are more than welcome to join me and share your stories to becoming mentally tougher.

Would love to hear from you all.

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  1. I loved reading your story & post in MDA. I’ve gained great health improvements myself from eating the primal way but haven’t really gotten into the working out yet. Maybe you will be the one to inspire me! In thanks, I’d like to offer you a couple of corrections in the Start Here essay. I just want to be helpful. I hope you’re not offended; I promise, I’m a professional 🙂
    (1) change “board line barbaric” to “borderline barbaric”
    (2) change “to over the major obstacles” to “to overcome the major obstacles”


  2. This is exactly the type of writing and blog I’ve looked for, and guess haven’t found until now. I’ve read several books, and have been studying mental toughness for the last couple of years and have utilized physical fitness to not only lose 65 lbs so far but to help forge the confidence that I needed to persevere to lose another 80. I am slightly younger than you, but I look forward to reading and sharing your ideas.

  3. Thanks Kory! Glad you enjoy the site. Really appreciate the positive comments. Looking forward to sharing ideas with you on mental toughness development and how you lost all that weight! What were some of the good stuff that you read on mental toughness training that helped you?


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