The Best Movement for Mental Toughness Training (Part 2)

index 200I got a lot emails from you all taking about how rough the car push WOD was. I tried to warn you, but words just don’t describe the nauseous feeling you will get when you going around shoving a 6 thousand pound object on wheels for a few yards. 

I praise your effort and accomplishment for doing and finishing this WOD. Not easy, but the real challenge comes in repeating this workout. It is easy to come up with the naive inspiration to want to try this type of punishing WOD. However, redoing it is when the real mental challenge comes and when your cerebral strength starts to take off.

I know for me, the day that I know I have to do a car push WOD, my mind is preoccupied with it the whole day. I realize that the near-vomit experience is coming up and I can’t stand the thought of it. My mind starts to come up with excuses, some real damn good ones too to get me out of the WOD. The whole anticipation is a mind drain and distraction.

When this anxiety and worry begins to happen is when the lesson of the WOD begins. Embrace and welcome it. Your job is to counter the lies your mind will tell you. As reasonable as some of the lame fibs you will tell yourself, realize that getting out of the WOD will be a huge mental setback.

One of the best ways to attack the upcoming onslaught of negativity is to be alert and aggressive with your comeback. As soon as you feel the rush of excuses, counter-attack with the importance of this WOD to your mental toughness growth. Tell yourself over and over again, the reason you have to do the WOD is that it will make you mentally stronger in the gym and in your personal life.

Remind yourself that this WOD is not for everybody, especially the weak mainstream. If so, everybody would be doing them. The last time I stepped foot in my shitty commercial gym, I didn’t see a car in the middle of the cardio room. The only thing I saw was a bunch of shiny treadmills and other contraptions that one can sit comfortably in and text or watch TV while moving slowly like a fat cow. Trust me, if you tried to text or watch youtube on your phone while shoving a car, you’ll fall flat on your face.

That’s how tough this WOD is and why it will upgrade your mental toughness.

You want it be this challenging. It makes the WOD exclusive and only for those who want to take their training seriously. Take pride in doing things that most people wouldn’t do because they’re too intimated, lazy or just afraid.

So when your weak version of yourself starts to negotiate with you and convince you to hop on an elliptical instead of doing something bad ass like pushing a car, put your food down and crush the negative chatter. Remind yourself of all the positive benefits of getting through another car pushing WOD.

It’s going to hurt, but the payoff will out weight the physical suffering.

Most of you think the hardest part of the training is the workouts. This is only partially true, but if you add up the total amount of time of the actual workouts and not the rest period, the WODs are rather short. For this WOD, I would say the total amount of time working is less than two minutes.

So the true challenge isn’t in the physical aspect, but in the mental department. The psychological anguish is many times tougher than the actual pain. So the real battle of the car pushing WOD isn’t in the trenches, but in your isolation.

This WOD isn’t about the burning in your thigh or how much muscle you will gain in your glutes from pushing a car, but how you will deal with the anticipation of suffering, rush of doubt and barrage of rational excuses.

It’s all about how you can overcome the extreme mental anguish in your head. Nothing will teach how to defeat your fear and insecurities better than this WOD.

Now skipped the treadmill, and drive your car to an empty parking lot.

Get ready to destroy your past limitations.

(To be continued)

Today’s WOD
5 sets of car pushes (approximately 50 yards or less)

Scale back version of this WOD:
1. 8 Spiderman crawls about 80 yards or less.