What Really is Holding You Back



This mental toughness blog is about strengthening your mind to overcome adversity. The benefits of having a strong mind is that you know you can overcome any disappointment or asshole pricks in your life. When your mind is empowered, those around you know that you are a force to be reckoned with and will begin to treat you differently. Most learn how to persevere through our upbringings from our parents.  Tough love is the most common parental approach to teach one how to deal with frustrations and setbacks during early childhood. However, some of our parents didn’t instill in us the “never quit” attitude that essential for those who are naturally mental toughness. We have to learn it ourselves, the hard way through life lessons in our adult years.  Sometimes we can endure through great hardship while other times, we give in and quit.  We just can’t pin point the factors that help us overcome obstacles while other times, we cave in without much effort. As a result, getting through misfortune is too inconsistent for most. The ability to persevere becomes too abstract.

This blog was designed give you tips and training to make perseverance a concrete skill. It is never too late to improve this skill either.  Like any other aptitude, it just takes some guidance and practice:  a lot of practice in hardship while putting your thoughts to the forefront. But focusing on the mind does not mean you are avoiding the body. The whole concept behind this training is the mind can lead the body to do unbelievable things. Once you can see the how the mind and body mesh as one, you will become an unstoppable machine. Your thought patterns are capable of pushing your body to do things that were once inconceivable.  Not only will you be able to accomplish those abilities you once envied in others, but surpass them.  A huge part of being mentally tough is a having a higher pain tolerance level than those who are average. With this training, you will learn to raise your pain threshold so you will have more stamina and strength than you ever could have imagined.

The major problem most of you have is that your mind is holding your body back. The body can do unbelievable feats of strength, yet, your mind doesn’t believe in can. As a result, your expectations for yourself are way too low. The bar you set for yourself during your workouts is ridiculous low. When you avoid challenges, you shut down your mind and pretty much just go through the motions of your training. Your mind is so disinterested that you don’t even notice how mechanically you are moving or see that odd vacant look on your face.  I call this stuck in the rhythm of “doing nothing.” I encourage you all to go to your commercial gym and check out this sad phenomenon caused by conventional wisdom. You all, right now, have the potential to lift way more weight than you ever thought possible, but it is your mind that needs the convincing.  For example, I know a lot of you have gone to gym and lifted a heavy weight and then found out that the actual weight was a lot heavier than you thought it was. This common mistake is an example of how the mind puts limits on what the body can actual do.

When most people workout, they put all the emphasis on the particular body part that they are working on. For example, if you are working on your chest, you want to put your attention on your pectorals. As a result, most people don’t feel a connection with their mind when doing body part training. For this mental toughness to be developed, the primary goal must be to strengthen the mind first.  Improving your mind must be your top priority. When you develop your inner strength capacity first, everything else will follow. You will get a better body and be better at reaching your personal goals. This may all sound counterproductive, but if you have a mind that is relentless, you will train with more intensity, lift more weights, run faster and longer. The byproduct of mental toughness training is having a better body. Currently, your mind is holding back your physical goals and preventing you from reaching your lifelong dreams. By liberating and empowering your mind, you will break your self-imposed limitations and reach higher potentials than you ever could imagine. But, first you must get your mind right. Fixing your mind must be your top priority when approaching the workouts.

So by focusing on the mind first, the aesthetics will follow. This may be a backwards approach as compared to what conventional wisdom has taught us on to put all our attention on the body, particularly individual body parts. But, what the masses are doing just isn’t working, so you must do the opposite. By prioritizing the mental aspect, your mind will discover it has unlimited amounts of power and seek out new physical challenges to satisfy its hunger. Overcoming the strenuous workouts will be so pleasurable that it borders on mental exhilaration. When you experience this intense gratification from the will of your mind, the training becomes addicting. This approach of empowering the mind will lead you to believe that nobody or anything can ever break or demoralize you. As a result of getting through the metabolic workouts and eating a Paleo food plan, you will dramatically improve your body composition. Conventional wisdom superficial body part training is about temporary body makeovers that can’t make up for low self-esteem. This mental toughness training is about sustaining lifelong improvements that will improve your overall quality of life.

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