The Importance of Self-Discipline with Mental Toughness Training (Part 3)

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(In the last article on this series on self-discipline, I talked about how crucial it is to your mental toughness growth. If you have a strong sense of inner discipline, you can make up for your physical flaws. When I first started with my CrossFit training, I had nothing going for me. Everybody was younger, faster, stronger and more athletic than me. I had to find something that would give me an edge. That advantage was my commitment to being ultra disciplined with myself.  I never missed a training session and was strict was my eating habits. If you have serious issue with being weak, I highly feel you must be this committed to the training as well. It must be a top priority in your life. Anything less and you won’t be able to handle to constant demands and pressure from this training.)

I know a lot of you probably think I’m a stick in the mud when I talked about how people skip out on training so they can go to a party. It may sound like I’m all work and no play. That’s not true at all. I believe in balance and sustainability. In order for this training to be a part of your life, it must fit in without being a huge inconvenience. As hard as you work, you need to learn how to relax and enjoy life. I highly encourage you all to spend time with your loves ones and family. If you have kids, go take them to the park.

You just to learn how to plan your training and your social times. Making a schedule helps tremendously. It just takes time to do some planning on your part. I would say on an average, most people know in advance when a social event is coming up. If that event conflicts with your training time, all you have to do is to adjust your training to another day. I highly encourage you to go any social event that is meaningful.  You just need to be flexible and reschedule your workouts. It may not be possible to workout the next time that you prefer and if so, you may have to work out later than you like or get up at the crack of dawn to get your training in.  I normally workout at 3:30, but yesterday I had tons of things to do and I didn’t make to the gym till 7 which is really late for an old fucker like me. I don’t like training this late, but I had no choice. Forcing your training to fit in your daily schedule is a sign of one with strong discipline.

Once you make that commitment to train on a specific day and it’s a couple of hours before training time, learn to stick to it.  This is the time to put on your blinders on and shut yourself off from the outside world. Your job now is to get to the gym, no matter the fuck what. These couple of hours before you actually are in the gym is so crucial. Unconscious or not, these last hours is when the mind begins to look for an out to avoid the upcoming suffering that’s going to happen to you at the gym. This is where your self-discipline must come in play. It must do whatever it takes to get you to your training ground because these couple of hours before you train is when you are most vulnerable.

Most likely you will be at work, so you don’t want to jeopardize your job by putting on your workout clothes and do a couple of groin stretches on your desk while in front of your co-workers. Besides looking like a fruit case, it just might not go over well and make those around you feel very uncomfortable. Instead, you can continue to pretend to be busy working but at the same time, plant a seed in your mind by reminding yourself over and over that you must go train soon. It doesn’t have to be a heavy duty preparation process, but enough to remind yourself of your priority to become mentally tougher.

If you are not strong with your self-discipline, you will be bombarded with lame excuses to sway you away from your training. Understand that if during these last couple hours and you make a choice to do something else instead of training, you have fallen for the bait.

In the aftermath of you not working out, don’t kid yourself or rationalize your decision on missing out on the WOD either. Take it for what it is. You just backed out a challenge. In terms of mental toughness growth, this is taking a step backwards. Once in awhile is understandable, but if the one time becomes a perpetual twice a week of skipping out on a WOD, you might as well forget it. You will be a goner with this program very soon. Unless you have a child that is sick and needs your immediate attention, everything else can wait till you are done with the training.

If this sounds single-mindedness, well it is. However, if you are living a life of being weak, you need do whatever it takes to change. If you don’t feel a sense of desperation in your life then maybe you should consider not doing this program and return to a life at your commercial gym with no gains and no self-esteem in your life.  This mental toughness program is very drastic because it has to. Unfortunately, the odds are heavily against you that you can go from one mental extreme to the other. Most people can’t go from being pushed around to suddenly living a courage life where they don’t take shit from people.  It takes a lot of work to make this 180 degree transformation to occur and it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put in the time and effort so you don’t have much time to fuck around anymore. You already wasted a lot of your life so decide now if you want to change.

If the answer is yes then take your ass to the gym, track or park to do your training, regardless of all the distractions you have in your life.

This is the self-discipline that I am preaching about.

(To be continued)

Today’s WOD –

Barbell Complex Movement –

5 sets

Do 5 reps for each movement. Try your best not to put the bar down until you are finish with the set.


Overhead squat

Good mornings

Behind the neck presses

Barbell roll outs

Put the bar down and jump rope for a minute

This barbell complex WOD will take a lot of self-discipline on your part.  The time under tension for this WOD is nearly 3 and ½ minute. That’s a lot of time moving a weight and then jumping rope. At some point of the WOD, you will just want to drop the bar, just quit and continue on with your weak self. If the thought of going through this strenuous WOD is too much for you, you may need a wake up call. You may not have the self-discipline or desire to become mentally tougher in your life. If you lack intrinsic motivation, this type of training is definitely not in the cards for you.

So today when the temptations of not going to the gym begins to enter your mind, really visualize yourself continuing living a weak lifestyle. You will use “what if” type of empowering questions to test your self-discipline.

Really see yourself dropping out of this mental toughness program. What would you do with your life instead? Would you go back to your commercial gym and continue to train with no intensity and get no improvement with your body comp? How would you feel about yourself if you remain physically weak? Use your imagination and really see how your body will turn out without this high intensity training.  Will you gain weight? Remain brawny? How do you think you will feel about yourself with a less than desirable body?

Continue to see yourself being weak in other factors of your life. How does being weak affect you at work? Will you continue to let other walk over you at your job? How would you feel about yourself if five years from today, if you are still stuck at this shit job of yours with no improvements? Really see yourself in the future in your current work environment under worse circumstances. How does that make you feel?

What about your lifelong dreams? How does being mentally weak effect your pursuit of your dreams? What will happen if you don’t reach your dreams five years from now because you realize you were too afraid of taking chances and lazy to continue with this mental toughness program? Would your life be any different if you would have stay with this mental toughness program? Would being mentally tougher have gotten your dreams? Really delve into these thoughts and foresee your future. Let any emotions and feelings surface up.

After asking these “what if” type of self-empowering questions, how do you feel now? Do you want to skip your training or are you more motivated than ever to have mental toughness in your life?

If the answer is yes, go get your ass to the gym.

Motivating yourself to go do the work is what self-discipline is all about.

Scaled back version of today’s WOD

1. Do 3 reps for movement for a total of 4 sets.

2. You can run in place or do jumping jacks for 30 seconds instead of jumping rope.

3. Omit the roll-outs.

Acceptable alternatives –

1.You can sprint on the treadmill for one minute or do 10 burpees instead of jumping rope.



4 thoughts on “The Importance of Self-Discipline with Mental Toughness Training (Part 3)”

  1. Perfect words for me right now. I skipped my CrossFit class to get drinks and shitty food with my old of shape buddies.

    Discipline has always been an issue for me.

  2. Lost 8 pounds since starting this mental toughness program two weeks ago! Love strength days. My boyfriend is experienced lifter so he’s been helping me out on my form, especially with the big lifts like deadlifts and presses. Lucky here.

    Now if I could convince him to do some of the CrossFit WODs with me. He won’t dare to do any cardio work!

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