The Importance of Self-Discipline with Mental Toughness Training (Part 4)

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(In the last piece on this continuing discussion on the importance of self-discipline, I talked about how the couple of hours before you go to the gym are very crucial. It is during these couple of hours that will test how strong your self-discipline is. This is the time you where you are most susceptible to temptations to get you out of the training. You either stick with your commitment to getting mentally stronger or you don’t. If you decide to ditch the training, don’t even try to rationalize your decision. Call it for what it is – you backed out of the challenge. If you do this often, it is a clear sign that your self-discipline is very weak. If you don’t improve upon your self-discipline, you won’t last very long in this mental toughness program.)

Your friends, family and love ones will test your self-discipline throughout your journey to mental toughness. I am very lucky in this regards is that my wife totally supports my training. She puts up with all the hours and sacrifices that I do inorder for me to hone in on my mental craft. If you have a significant other that isn’t this supportive, it can be a major problem. Over the years, I’ve seen many couples quarrel over this issues. I would never suggest choosing the gym over your love one. Instead, I would stress finding a balance in your life and plan your training time better.

Love ones can be very possessive when it comes to monopolizing your training. However, nothing can be worse than our friends in our social circles. They can literally be huge pain in the asses especially if some of your more insecure friends feel that you are neglecting them over your training. Spending quality time with your spouse or children is something I totally support. If you go workout and skip out on taking your kids to the park like you said you would, you are a huge idiot. Your family always comes first. End of story.

However, when it comes down to your friends, that’s a different story altogether. Prioritizing for your family members is one thing, but when it comes down to choosing between having a good times with your friends or workout, you must choose the training. This is sign that you have the discipline to make it through this demanding program.

If they can’t handle you wanting to spend time improving yourself, then screw them. Seriously. If those in your social circles can’t understand your need to better yourself, that’s their problem, not yours. I’m not suggesting you don’t have friends or never hang out with them. You can party hardy all you want, but you must hit your workouts first. Unless your best friend has a gun to his head and needs you to talk him out from blowing his brains to kingdom come, everybody can wait till you’re done with your training.

If this sounds too harsh, well maybe it is. But, the truth of the matter is you already wasted a lot of your time hanging out with friends getting shit face, eating bad food and getting you nowhere with your life. It is time you make some serious changes with your life.

For pretty much most of my life, I usually train after work. While I go to the gym, this is the time some of my co-workers or friends that don’t train, got to the local bar for happy hour. One neighborhood bar in particular was very popular because of 1/2 price drinks and free onion rings. On days when I didn’t train, I spent regrettable way too many hours downing cheap shots and chomping down on delicious onion rings at this bar.

During my first couple of years of doing this type of training, I would constantly get a call from a buddy to meet me at this bar right before I want to train. Of course, I wanted to go out and blow off my workout, but I knew I how important the training was for me. It was during this time that I was seeing the positive benefits of distancing myself from what the majority was doing at the gym. I now must apply this concept to my personal life as well.

The majority of the people in the gym were doing body part training, while I was doing full-body workout. Most of the people in the gym were very lackadaisical, while I trained with maximum intensity. I had to do things differently so I can change and wouldn’t be like everybody else in the gym walking around constantly frustrated without any positive results.

The same goes with my personal life. The majority of my friends didn’t take good care of their health. I took the other route and made the effort and choices to live healthier and eat cleaner foods. Most of my good friends couldn’t commit to a regular workout schedule. I, on the other hand, would never miss a workout.

By doing things differently in the gym and with my life, I was not only distancing myself from the masses, but from mediocrity. I was tired of living an existence of being just average and no where near excellences. I was struggling in my life like everybody I knew. I was living paycheck to paycheck, out of shape and partying way too hard. To get out of this bad mental state that I was in, I had to work on my self-discipline and do the opposite of what everybody else was doing.

During my seven years of doing mental toughness training, my self-discipline to avoid the mainstream lifestyle, has been extremely consistent. Does this mean I don’t have any friends in my life and live life as a hermit? Heck no. I have great friendships and I’ve had my share of indulgences on my nights when I didn’t train or I was done with my workouts.

My self-discipline has been my greatest attribute towards my mental toughness. If you want mental toughness in your life, hopefully you can make the same commitment to doing things that other won’t do or too afraid to try.

When you can do this on a consistent level, you are on your way to destroying mediocrity and finding excellence in your life.

Today’s barbell complex movement WOD  –

6 sets of 5 reps per movement.


Good mornings

Bent over rows

Upright rows

Barbell roll-outs

Drop the barbell and jump rope for one minute.

This barbell complex WOD will take a lot of self-discipline on your part.  The time under tension for this WOD is nearly 3 and ½ minute. That’s a lot of time moving a weight and then jumping rope. At some point of the WOD, you will just want to drop the bar, just quit and join your friends at the local bar while they eat crappy food and get fat.

Stay with this hypothetical, but very real scenario of you a work and its a couple of hours before you have to do a demanding WOD. You get a text from a buddy to meet you at a bar for cheap booze and fried foods during happy hours. You think about it for a second, but then decide to skip the WOD and join your friends. At the bar, really imagine yourself drinking uncontrollably and shoving greasy hor d’oeuvres down your throat. How do you think you will feel the next morning? Now take a even great leap. Imagine you are at the same bar, but its now five years later. You continue a life lacking in self-discipline. You’re stay at the same old crappy job, drive the same old beat up jalopy and haven’t been in the gym in years. The only thing that is consistent is that you continue to do what the mainstream always do – you drink way too much, eat shitty foods and too damn lazy to go workout. How do you think you will look if you continue living this conventional life that most people around you does?

If you are disgusted at yourself with this imaginary, but very possible outcome, you must do something now with your life. You must be different than those around you. You must strive to be mentally strong, making healthier choices and learn to take risk in your life.

Today, take the step and distance yourself from being mediocre in life. Do what most people can’t do.

Go to the gym and train your ass off.

Scale back version of this WOD –

1. Omit the barbell roll-outs or the jump roping.

2. Do 4 sets of 3 reps for each movement.

Acceptable alternatives –

1. You can run in place, do jumping jacks o run on the treadmill for one minute instead of the jump roping. Also, you can do 10 burpees if you don’t have a jump rope.




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  1. My self-discipline has improved remarkably since starting this program. I still struggle big time with the WODs (my times are awful and my strength is pathetic), but have yet to quit in any of them. I have a couple of girl friends that do them w/me now. Although, they are not very consistent with doing the WOD. I need to show this self-discipline series!


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