The Power of Adversity


If you are a competitive athlete, being mentally tough is having a huge advantage. You have the mental resilience and stamina to outlast and break your opponent’s will. Many professional coaches will say being mentally tough is the intangible that athletes must have in order to endure the physical punishment that sporting events demand. Being mentally tough is the edge that you must have if you want to be an army of one and be successful in your sport.

If you are not a professional athlete, you still need to develop your mental toughness skills. I don’t care if you are a soccer mom, college student or recent retiree. You all participate in the cruelest sport of them all – life. Just living day to day life is full of painful ordeals and unfairness.  If you are weak, the harshness of this world can destroy your spirit. The goal of this blog is to teach you how to develop the skills to prevail over troubling times and use the experience to your benefit. Disappointment and letdowns are both part of life. When you are mentally tough, you learn to have a different perspective on how you analyze and view your adversities. I get down all the time, but now I just recover better and quicker with a mindset that refuses to let anybody or situations get the better of me. This blog will teach you whenever you are majorly disappointed, you have the ability to change your frame of mind and get a different take on the situation. Instead of dwelling on the frustrations, you can gain insight and experience instead. These two factors may not seem like worthwhile consolation prizes, but a new insight and valuable experience can be very powerful learning tools. It is new introspective knowledge. The key always is to see how any adversity can enlighten you. If may not be recognizable, but if you wish to be mentally tough-skinned, you’ve got to look hard at any opportunity for personal growth from the hardships and learn to decode the most unusual and less-obvious signs. What is obvious sometimes takes needs a second look.  At first, it may be too painful, but if you distance yourself and give it some time in between, you can gain a strong perspective and further your mental toughness growth. Always remember the mental toughness creed – “Turn any disadvantage to an advantage.” You need to have the attitude that all adversity is nothing but a blessing in disguise.  It may only be just one thing that you got out of the painful event, but “that one thing” may have been worth all the damn misery. This is an extreme point of view, but if you have an open mind, suffering has a way of teaching us mental toughness issues that we just couldn’t learn any other way.  What doesn’t kill you, sure can make you feel more alive and stronger. So take in whatever the life lesson offers and move on.

I’m not saying there must be something good in every tragedy. There could be nothing positive when a parent loses child or other situations when we lose a love one. But, what is crucial is how we recover and come back after a major adversity when you have a crisis with your spirit. This is what great resilience is all about. With time and a lot of self-reflection, you can look at the heartbreaking event and see how certain factors can motivate you to come back stronger and not weaker. This process is very objective, which is a good thing. It all comes down to how well you can interpret the situation to your gain by reversing any negative outcome to some sort of character strength building experience. The end result is life goes on so you must go forward while keeping your eye on the big picture. Remember that you must go on no matter how bad you are hurting. This is the skill that I you are honing in with your workouts that you must apply to your personal life as well. This positive mind set is an extension of your mental toughness.

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