The Problems with Traditional Mental Toughness Training (Part 3)


You need to do full-body movements like the deadlift more to build muscle and to get mentally stronger

(In part 2 of this blog, I talked about how we need to shift our priority to improving the mind over the body.)

Now, I’m sure a lot of you will think that I am not concern about aesthetics. Not true at all. Everybody wants to look better, including me. However, all my clients usually tell me that they are worried that by ignoring their body, they will look less attractive.Men usually fear that the will lose arm size while women usually think they will not get their butt as tight as possible.

These are all misconceptions. First of all, this mental toughness training system is not about ignoring the body. It is about teaching you how your mind can always lead your body to do extraordinary things. Your body can do fantastic things. It is a lot stronger, faster and has more stamina than you can ever imagine. What is currently holding your body to do what it wants to do, is your mind. Your mind is limiting what your body can do. By suppressing the natural strength of your body, you are denying yourself to experiencing what true power feels like. Your body is eager to move. You must find an outlet to let your body express itself or it will waste away.

Mental toughness training is about breaking free from these self-imposed limitations that we have put on our physical abilities. Once you discover and see for yourself what we the body can do, you will be amazed. But, the point of this mental toughness program is not to impress oneself, but to make you believe in what your body can do daily and consistently. I mean, really believe. Once your sense of belief goes up on what the body is capable of doing, you will expect it to out do what you did the day before. Your expectations from what you can do with your body will be raised. By finally ridding yourself of self-imposed limitations, you can turn your body to lose to make up for years of suppressing its strength.

With the workouts in this mental toughness program, you will lift heavier weights, run faster and longer with more intensity than ever when compared to your conventional workouts. As a result of training with this high level of intensity, you will finally get that body you wished you have. You will get lean and hard and drastically improving your body composition. All because of one simple shift – emphasizing your mind as your number one priority in your workouts.

This may all sounds backwards when compared to conventional training on how to get a better body. But, what the masses are doing isn’t working. So, yes what we are doing on is a roundabout approach to getting you in the best shape of your life, but it will. The by-product of having a tougher mind-set is a body in single digit fat percentages.  With this priority of first improving the mind combined with full-body workouts, you will teach your mind and body to mesh together. By having an aggressive mind-set and a strong body, this combination will transform you into the most lethal version of yourself when faced with those that stand in the way of your goals. Trust me when I say this but, you are going to want to run their asses over. That’s how potent this training can have on you. Its not enough to just get through your obstacles, you want to smash and tear them apart to make the statement that you are done with letting others fuck with you. The next asshole that crosses you, will pay the price. This is your vow and expressed in everything you do. So as I said in previous posts, in order to experience this surge of power, you must now have to get through some pretty awful tests of physical suffering and mental anguish. You can’t dream yourself into being with bad ass, you must earn it by doing what the average person is too afraid or can’t do.

So what you won’t find in any of the WODs on this site are useless isolation movements or outdated body part training. There will be no arm day or chest day. Mainstream workouts just don’t elicit much intensity. Intense workouts are what toughen you up, plus they cause an endocrine change in your body. This is the major flaw of conventional workouts is that they don’t optimize the hormones to provide any major changes in your body. On the other hand, all the movements in this toughness program will be full-body ones. When done with a high level of intensity, the full-body movements will stimulate your muscle building and fat burning hormones for up 24 hours after the WOD. Getting a hormonal reaction like a huge surge of HGH and testosterone is the key to getting a better body.

So mental toughness training can be about the aesthetics. I never said there is anything wrong with vanity wants. But, to get that kick ass body, reaching your career goals, or obtaining your lifelong dreams is all predicated on having a mind that knows it can overcome any adversity that comes along the way.

This is my main goal to you all. Once you improve your mind, everything else will fall in place.

Today’s WOD:

5 rounds

Front squats – 6 reps (Use about 70 percent of your one rep max or enough weight to make you feel uncomfortable when you are done with the set)

Push-ups – 25 reps

400 meter run (approximately)

If you can’t do the run, jump rope for a minute

So with today’s workout, really go into with the sole intention of strengthening your mind. Normally, when you do heavy front squats and your leg muscles are burning, is a sign that your legs will grow. This is a good thing when you can feel your muscles burning because you know it is sign that you are working out hard. However, with today’s WOD begin to shift your emphasis on your mind over your muscles. For example, when your quads start to quiver from the front squats, let your mind take over. Instead of seeing this pain as an association of leg growth, see it as an opportunity for you to become mentally tougher. Focus on your thought patterns instead of the muscle pain. Some example thoughts that I have when I am struggling with front squats are  – I know I can mentally handle this pain…My mind will lead me to overcome this pain…This training is about making me mentally tougher and not about having big legs….I know I can preserve through this pain. 

Bring your thoughts to forefront when doing your push-ups as well. Instead of the conventional goal of feeling “the pump” in the chest, see how your mind can will yourself through the 25 rep, especially when you are tired and want to quit. Some example thought patterns can be – I refuse to give up as I know I can finish this set of push-ups….All this is a test to see how mentally tough I am. I refuse to quit until I get 25 reps…If I quit that means I am mentally weak. I refuse to be mentally weak ever in my life. I will finish the set, no matter what.

Same goes when you begin to hit the wall with the 400 meter run. Let the mind take over when you are in about to give up. Here is the real test of this brutal WOD as you must have aggressive thoughts fuming in your mind to get you to finish. Examples can be – When I finish this 400m, I know I will be mentally tougher…This hurts like hell but there is no way I will not finish this run….All this pain will make me mentally stronger….Not only will I not quit, but I will run harder and faster. 

If all of this sound like a lot of thinking to do, well it is. Mentally toughness is all about your thought process. Your strength is not in your muscles, but in your mind.

Now go put your thoughts into aggressive action.



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