The Importance of Self-Discipline with Mental Toughness Training (Part 4)

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(In the last piece on this continuing discussion on the importance of self-discipline, I talked about how the couple of hours before you go to the gym are very crucial. It is during these couple of hours that will test how strong your self-discipline is. This is the time you where you are most susceptible to temptations to get you out of the training. You either stick with your commitment to getting mentally stronger or you don’t. If you decide to ditch the training, don’t even try to rationalize your decision. Call it for what it is – you backed out of the challenge. If you do this often, it is a clear sign that your self-discipline is very weak. If you don’t improve upon your self-discipline, you won’t last very long in this mental toughness program.)

Your friends, family and love ones will test your self-discipline throughout your journey to mental toughness. I am very lucky in this regards is that my wife totally supports my training. She puts up with all the hours and sacrifices that I do inorder for me to hone in on my mental craft. If you have a significant other that isn’t this supportive, it can be a major problem. Continue reading The Importance of Self-Discipline with Mental Toughness Training (Part 4)