You Were Wrong About Yourself

Burpees_KateI know most of you may feel intimated to start mental toughness training because you think you don’t have the physical talent for it. It’s an excuse that seems logical, but far from being the truth.Being mentally tough has absolutely nothing to do with any natural talent. What is crucial is establishing a mindset that won’t take no for answer. So my take on physical talent is – screw it. If you have it, that’s great, but if you don’t, welcome to the club. You’re in good company.

If you have next to zero talent, you will learn to compensate for all your physical deficiencies with your mind. This is the beginning for your quest to transcend the limitations that you have mistakenly thought you had. I stress mistakenly because your perception of yourself for having a lack of talent in any area of your life has been wrong. It won’t take long for you with mental toughness training to see how you have been selling yourself short. When you realize how much you have been restricting yourself, you’ll be enraged at the heart at the thoughts all the things you could have accomplished, but given up because you wrongly thought you didn’t have the talent for it.

Instead, most of you are living a life of mediocrity, dissatisfaction, and probably chain to low-paying job that you despise because you see all the idiots above you making tons of more money and driving better cars than the old clunker that you currently drive. You should be higher up on the food chain at the age you are at now and with your intelligence level. But, smarts have nothing to do with it. It all has to do with having a weak mind and misdiagnosing your true potential. You should have and damn could have more rewards in your life, but you’re don’t because you believed in what your detractors said about you and then followed their advice. As a result, you have the tendency to give up too early and never really going full-out on any of your goals. Instead you went out of your way to please your enemies. If these don’t blow a god damn casket in your brain, I don’t know what will.

Being super pissed off is a good thing in your mental toughness development.  This feeling of knowing you shouldn’t have quit on yourself, only intensifies and magnifies as your mental toughness progresses.  There is no regret, but now only the never-ending need to prove oneself differently in any upcoming challenges. The more motivation, the more ammunition, the less likely you will give up in a similar situation. When odds are heavily stacked against you, there is nothing more potent than your desire. You can have all the physical gifts and biggest pecs, but without determination, you have nothing to bring to the fight. Whatever your goals are, mental strength is the main and only talent you will need to reach your lifelong dream, potentially save your life and get you in the best athletic shape of your life.

Today’s mental toughness WOD is another CrossFit classic that will cause havoc on you psychologically and send your heart rate flying through the roof. At much as this WOD sucks, the gratification from finishing it is one hundredfold. When you are done, you will understand the CrossFit high, they leads us coming back for more unpleasantness before the immense joy.

100 burpees for time

The standard for this workout is to make sure you do a push up and jump at least two inches off the ground. This is an excellent WOD because you do this near death experience anywhere and if you are limited with time. Write down your time so you can aim to beat it the next time you do it.



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